QUICK CHAT: Paul Di Resta

The DTM is coming back to Brands Hatch. You’ve won there twice in the past. In fact, your home win in 2010 marked a turning point in the season. Do you think we might see something similar this weekend?
Paul Di Resta: It could indeed be the same sort of situation this weekend. It certainly was a turning point in 2010. The start of the second half of the year is definitely the most crucial part. At the moment, I’m focused on trying to repeat my wins from 2009 and 2010 which was the last time I raced at Brands Hatch.

What is it about the Grand Prix circuit at Brands Hatch that makes it such a special challenge?
Paul Di Resta: It’s a track variant I have never driven before. The big thing for me is the elevation change and how fast Brands Hatch can be. Very much like Zandvoort but a little bit quicker. And obviously it’s one of the tracks that I grew up on when I was contesting junior series. I used to race there all the time. I can even remember going there as a kid when my father was driving, and I obviously remember the successes I had there which have got me where I am now as a professional driver. It was a big part of my life.

The second half of the season is about to get underway at Brands Hatch. Is it still too early for you to be thinking about your chances of winning the title?
Paul Di Resta: Absolutely. The main focus is the championship, and it always is in any year. But I think, given the position we are in, we need to keep one eye on it. At the moment, it is a little bit too early to be dwelling on the idea. But the Brands Hatch weekend could certainly be a key turning point, and we really could start to focus on it. As for me, I’m the one that’s hunting down at the moment. With a little bit more luck on my side, I think with the performance we’ve got, hopefully we can make the best of that.

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