Quick Chat: Paul Di Resta

Paul, Moscow was a roller-coaster of emotions for you with second place in the first race and then an action-packed second round, in which you finished 20th. What thoughts do you have regarding the two races and the incidents that took place now that two weeks have passed?

Paul Di Resta: Saturday’s race was decent. After that, we were looking forward to securing another good result on Sunday, feeling relatively confident. Unfortunately, I had some problems with traffic in the second qualifying. I wasn’t quite able to get it together in the race after making a strong charge following the pit stop, which was a shame. That was my fault. I made a mistake, which led to a contact with Timo Glock in a scrap. That cost me some valuable points. Hopefully, I can make amends next weekend.

Next stop Nürburgring. How do you expect to do?

Paul Di Resta: We can approach the weekend feeling optimistic. Our performance should be good enough to fight back. We should be able to get the car to perform well with the help of our engineers, I hope, and achieve another good team result. I was second last year at the Nürburgring. I now hope to produce two equally strong results this weekend.

You are currently 38 points down on the championship leader. Do you still regard yourself as a championship contender?

Paul Di Resta: Absolutely.

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