Quick Chat: Robert Wickens

Robert, how did you like the documentary film NO REGRETS: THE 2016 MERCEDES-AMG DTM TEAM STORY?
Robert Wickens: The film was really good. I'm obviously biased, because it's about my team, my team-mates and my family. The film was amazing. It succeeded in capturing the emotional ups and downs of the DTM and our season very well. It showed what we've been through, and how we responded. It was a beautiful story.

What was your personal highlight?
Robert Wickens: There were quite a few, but for me it was the way we showed the world the friendship that exists within the team. There are certainly very few people who know how closely we drivers work together in our team. I've never experienced it to this extent before. Also, it was also pretty cool to see myself as a kid. I didn't know that these clips were going to be part of the movie. It made me quite emotional, especially hearing what my father had to say about me. All in all, it was a surreal experience. I would never have thought that I could one day feature in such a film.

Christmas is coming. How will you be spending the break?
Robert Wickens: I'll fly back to Canada and relax with friends and family. I'll be spending the Christmas period itself in Canada before Karli and I go to Barbados for the New Year. One of our friends is getting married there, which will certainly be nice.

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