Quick Chat: Robert Wickens

For the first time this season, everyone has had three weeks off. How did you spend the time?
Robert Wickens: "I flew back to Canada for the first time since the start of the season. I moved into a lakeside home last autumn. We spent a lot of time there with family and friends, and I was able to relax a bit. It's very peaceful there. But because we're renovating the house, there is always a lot to do. One day, I transported twelve tons of sand to make a private beach. Unfortunately, I had to shovel and spread all the sand on my own, which wasn't really much fun, and it was a long day."
For the first time ever, you've gone into a DTM break as championship leader. Hand on heart, how often have you thought about that?
Robert Wickens: "Quite honestly, not all that often. Obviously it's a great feeling to lead the championship, but I haven't changed the way I go about things or anything else."
Next up is the Norisring. In the media, you're being touted as one of the favourites. With all these expectations and the fact that you lead the championship, do you feel under greater pressure for the coming race weekend?
Robert Wickens: "No, I'm looking forward to the Norisring and I don't feel any greater pressure than in the previous races. Actually, I would say that the timing is perfect. Statistically, the race there has always been my best weekend of the season. So going to Nuremberg as championship leader fills me with optimism. The simple fact is that some tracks suit an individual driver more than others. And the Norisring suits my style of driving." 

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