Rosenqvist confirmed for Nürburgring

Felix, your first DTM race weekend is now behind you. How did it go?

Felix Rosenqvist: 'It was really terrific. Finishing in the points in my first DTM race was way more than I ever expected. The speed was there right from the start. I've heard that only two drivers before me have ever managed to score points like that since the entry of BMW, and certainly no one from Mercedes. That obviously makes me proud. Nevertheless, I must also say that it's really incredibly difficult to race up front in the DTM. I noticed that on Sunday. The standard of all the drivers is incredibly high.'

What have you got to say about Marco Wittman's complaint that you blocked him?

Felix Rosenqvist: 'I've already said what I think in a TV interview. It's absolutely ridiculous. You've only got to take an objective look at the data. On the lap where Marco says I blocked him, I was on my fastest outlap of the weekend, and there was more than one second between us at the end of the lap. All my sectors were green after that. Besides, there wasn't even an investigation by the race control, and Marco was on pole. Qualifying has generally been much closer in the other series, in which I've previously competed, and no one ever complained.'

Is there any news about your status for the Nürburgring?

Felix Rosenqvist: 'Yes, there is. We sat down together after the race weekend, and Uli Fritz told me that I will be driving again at the Nürburgring. I'm really pleased about that. I can hardly wait and hope that I can repeat my performance from Moscow again in the Eiffel.'

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