UBFS invest to become new partner

UBFS invest is to become a stakeholder in the popular touring car series as a partner of the Mercedes-AMG DTM Team. The company has become a co-sponsor of the team with immediate effect. An agreement has been signed extending over several years. In the second phase commencing with the 2016 season, UBFS invest will become the main sponsor of the team which will give one of its Mercedes AMG DTM C 63 cars a UBFS-themed livery. 

As early as the impending DTM race weekend at the Nürburgring (25th - 27th September), the UBFS logo will be prominently displayed on the Mercedes-AMG C63 DTM racing cars, racing suits, pit equipment and team trucks. 

UBFS invest offers an exclusive wealth management service based on an innovative in-house currency trading system to achieve excellent returns with low risk. UBFS invest uses its proprietary UBFS invest Forex Trading System, which combines traditional instruments of financial analysis such as mean values, random variables and trends, with several new instruments based on the physical laws of nature. The revolutionary UBFS Forex Trading System forecasts the likelihood of a potential, short-term change in the direction of currency pairs and calculates the turning point with astonishing precision. 

Urs Bernegger, CEO at UBFS invest:

"At first glance, it may seem that the worlds of forex trading and motorsport have little in common. But the closer you look, the more obvious the similarities become. Both rely on sophisticated technologies, are in a constant state of dynamic evolution and require mental toughness, rapid analysis, decision making and response time as well as the utmost concentration and focus. For UBFS invest and its team of more than 30 highly qualified staff, the DTM represents an optimum platform for communicating these qualities to a wider audience." 

Ulrich Fritz, Head of Mercedes-AMG DTM: 

"We are very pleased to welcome UBFS invest as the latest partner to join our Mercedes-AMG DTM Team. Both for ourselves and for UBFS, fast reactions and advanced technologies are an integral part of our daily work, and I am convinced that they have found a perfect arena for their company in the DTM. We are already looking forward to the next stages of our long-term cooperation in the coming years."

About UBFS invest 

UBFS invest powered by Moneychoice Brokers Ltd. is a fully licensed and regulated brokerage firm, specialising in online trading, and a professional foreign exchange trading and portfolio management company. More than 20 Forex analysts trade on behalf of clients using the proprietary and revolutionary UBFS invest Forex Trading System. The sole purpose of this Trading System is to precisely detect the probability of a potential short-term change in direction of currency pairs and thus to perfect positive performance of foreign exchange trading. The aim of the trading software is to generate profits within a short time, several times a day. In average, positions are kept open for a few minutes only in order to realise performance. The Client Profit in the last few month was on average more than 4% each month. UBFS invest has its headquarters in Larnaca (Cyprus) and also offices in Zurich (Switzerland) and London (UK). For more information, visit www.ubfsinvest.com

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