IWC rock the SIHH in Geneva

The Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) was taken by storm by our team partner IWC this week thanks to their amazing recreation of a pit environment… on top of many other cool surprises!

The team was very pleased to assist before and during what was certainly one of the most impressive shows of its nature. Amongst all the luxury watch brands, IWC once again dominated the central stage: their booth, featuring a very realistic pit environment (including one of our cars!), a Silver Arrow classic car and a AMG SLS definitely was one of the – if not THE! – most impressive booth this year.

Ahead of Tuesday’s big evening, which saw Nico rocking the stage in our demo car, quite a few celebrities pressed themselves around the various cars featured in the booth, from host Kevin Spacey, to actors Ewan McGregor, Eric Dane, former footballers Luis Figo, Zinedine Zidane, and a host of supermodels… amongst others!

Later that day, everyone gathered around the central stage for one of the highlights of the week: Nico’s run in our demo car, the nature of the location (a massive hangar!) making the echo even more impressive than Monaco!

Nico entertained the crowd with few burnouts and donuts, before our demo team shared their guns and lollipop for a celebrity pit stop challenge. Eric Dane, Matthew Fox and other celebrities tested their speed and reflexes, some pit stops being a very impressive sub-three seconds!!!

Jamiroquai then concluded what had been a fabulous day already with a private gig for all the guests attending, putting a funky twist on a great event where you wish time would just stop!

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