MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS to engage fans with unique F1 W04 online reveal

The team is very pleased to announce that our fans will be involved more than ever before into the reveal of our new car, the F1 W04, thanks to an exclusive website and Twitter unveiling!

Fans of the team will be able to dictate the pace of the F1 W04 online reveal by posting on Twitter using the hashtag #F1W04Reveal.

Each tweet will trigger the opening of a garage door on our website, behind which is hiding the new F1 W04. And the faster you retweet it, the faster the car will be revealed. So the more you tweet, the more you’ll see!

To be a part of this exclusive online reveal, simply visit our website, www.mercedes-amg-f1.com and our Twitter account, www.twitter.com/mercedesamgf1 from Saturday, 16:00 (GMT).

And don’t forget… it’s #F1W04Reveal

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