Nico to drive at Rotterdam City Racing in August with Allianz

The team is happy to announce that Allianz Netherlands will be bringing Nico to the eighth edition of City Racing in Rotterdam on 26 August. Last year’s event saw thousands of enthusiastic fans gathering in Rotterdam’s city centre to enjoy the show.

‘’I’m looking forward to returning to Rotterdam and entertaining all of the spectators, and I am happy that Allianz will make this possible with their Drive Safely programme” Nico said yesterday. “In 2006 I already drove the circuit so I know what to expect and this will benefit the show!”

Allianz are a Team Partner of the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS team and have been involved in Formula One for over ten years. Sjoerd Laarberg, Chief Sales Officer of Allianz Netherlands Group said: "Allianz is proud to contribute to the largest motorsports event in the Netherlands. At City Racing, just like in Formula One, we emphasise the importance of safety, both in racing and daily traffic".

Herman Vaanholt from the organizers of the Rotterdam Racing event commented: “Immediately after last year’s event, we had a positive evaluation with Allianz and the Mercedes team,and we are very proud that the team will be sending Nico to this year’s event. We know Nico from 2006 and saw a passionate and an enthusiastic driver giving a great demonstration in Rotterdam. Thanks to Allianz, the national and international motorsport fans can once again enjoy the Silver Arrow Mercedes car".

For more news on Rotterdam City Racing and Nico's attendance follow http://www.facebook.com/AllianzDriveSafely

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