Mercedes-Benz Energy Experts.

For the best in the field.

On track for success as a Mercedes-Benz Energy Expert.

Our energy storage solutions are a huge market for the future – from which you can benefit right now as a Mercedes-Benz Energy Expert.

Your benefits.

Official designation as a Mercedes-Benz Energy Expert

High-quality work-wear, with the star as a visible symbol of your expert status

Materials to identify your company as an expert company, including car branding

Exclusive advertising materials for your company – e.g. customisable sales folders, give-aways and much more

Comprehensive sales support – including large-scale advertising campaigns and contacts with potential customers in your region

Automatic participation in the “Expert of the Year” incentive programme. The installed kWh you register will be converted directly into bonus points for you to use on attractive offers

Professional training on how to install of Mercedes-Benz Energy products

The latest energy storage system provided as a display model to show your customers

Invitation to the annual Expert launch event with a top-notch programme bursting with energy

A partnership full of energy and with clear conditions.

As a Mercedes-Benz Energy Expert, we ask for special commitment from you. What we expect:

Binding acknowledgement of the Mercedes-Benz Energy Experts regulations for behaviour and the associated high quality standards

Obligation to observe particular laws and standards of commercial behaviour – e.g. against cartel infringements or corruption

Acceptance of paid service calls – e.g. including attending warranty calls for systems not installed by you

Regular participation in product, sales, service, brand ambassador and quality training sessions

Exclusive sale of Mercedes-Benz Energy storage solutions to customers referred to you by Mercedes-Benz Energy

Installation of a 5 kWh storage system in your own company as a demonstration system

Gradual conversion of your company fleet to Mercedes-Benz vehicles

Consent to the commercial usage of your data and to the transfer of your data to other Mercedes-Benz companies

Annual membership contribution of € 1,200.

As a Mercedes-Benz Energy Expert, you will have great prospects for significantly increasing your company’s turnover, profits and reputation.

At a glance

A4 information folder, 6 pages

You can download the current brochure here and find out all the important information on Mercedes-Benz Energy Experts.

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Mercedes-Benz Energy

Mercedes-Benz Energy is focusing on innovative storage solutions, safe and long-lasting lithium-ion technology – and quality made in Germany. One key topic of the future is how to produce energy regeneratively and then store it.

Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage Home systems can be installed as dedicated photovoltaic energy storage units. Lithium-ion batteries from Daimler AG guarantee you absolute safety and reliability.