Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage.

Striking design, innovative technology, user-friendly. Mercedes-Benz Energy has the right storage solution for any requirement – from homes to major industrial facilities. Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage systems optimise the use of solar power, increase autonomy and enhance energy efficiency, shaving peak loads and helping to stabilise the grid.

Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage – the new generation.

The new generation of Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage Home wins you over with its Mercedes-Benz Made in Germany quality. The new performance: Up to triple battery power and 120 % of system capacity compared to the first generation of our energy storage system.


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Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage Home.

Use the power produced by your solar PV installation even if the sun isn’t shining. Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage Home gives you everything you need to efficiently optimize your power consumption. The system can also be configured for backup power functionality, allowing for more autonomy and less dependence on the grid.

Find the right energy storage solution for your home and select your country of residence. If your country is not listed, please be patient. We are steadily expanding our global sales network.

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Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage — a key component for large-scale energy storage solutions.

The Mercedes-Benz battery is one of the most efficient in its class. It’s an automotive battery made under the highest quality and safety specifications possible (TS 16949).

The Mercedes-Benz battery is capable of charge and discharges rates up to 4 C. Scalable components with integrated cooling allow for storage capacities starting at 100 kWh up to 100 MWh.

Together with its partners, Mercedes-Benz Energy develops such systems as for black start, back-up, UPS and off-grid applications.


Mercedes-Benz Energy

Mercedes-Benz Energy offers innovative energy storage solutions for homes, companies, and utilities to manage resources more efficiently and sustainably. Using durable lithium-ion batteries produced in Germany, Mercedes-Benz Energy storage systems can optimize solar consumption, reduce expensive peak electric loads, provide backup power, and offer a variety of grid services, such as Primary Reserve Control.


Based on the same automotive-grade battery technology used in Mercedes-Benz electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, our storage solutions meet the highest standards of quality, reliability, and safety.