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Your dream of a classic Mercedes-Benz.

Once an unfulfilled dream, now part of daily life: life today is no longer conceivable without the automobile, as a dependable companion and a means of transport. Rational criteria, such as size of boot, all-round visibility or insurance rating, are critical to most people's purchase decision. And yet there are enthusiasts who demand more: an emotional bond. A legend on wheels. A car with a history. A time machine to transport them back to their childhood or youth. Not just a means of getting around, but a statement on four wheels.

Do things only start to get really interesting for you once you see a star atop the bonnet? If so, ALL TIME STARS is the place to come. We stock a range of classic Mercedes-Benz models, from the legendary 300 SL gull-wing model and the tail fin to the S-Class W 116 and the W 124. Whether you want to drive your dream car every day or simply want the pleasure of owning it, ALL TIME STARS makes your dreams come true.

Your dream - our promise.

Emotions should not be the sole criterion, especially when you're thinking about buying a classic automobile. After all, a car with a history has often been through a thing or two in its life. For laypeople, it can be difficult to judge what exactly. To do this requires in-depth technical knowledge. No worries: we at ALL TIME STARS keep nothing hidden from you. We provide transparency. Each of our classics and classics-to-be is subjected to a thorough inspection based on a 160-item checklist.

This allows any defects or blemishes to be identified and recorded in detail in the prospectus. Our advisers will tell you precisely what was and was not changed after the vehicle was purchased.

Dream cars, whatever your predilection.

As our range of classics and young classics is as diverse as your needs, we have split our vehicles into three categories to make your initial search easier:

We'll help you find your dream car.

For us, it's clear that open communication is the key to customer satisfaction and long-term success. To sum up: ALL TIME STARS is your easiest and safest way to a classic Mercedes-Benz.

Have you long harboured a desire for a historic Mercedes? Are you looking to add to your collection or sell a vehicle? Then give us a call or visit us at the Mercedes-Benz Museum - we look forward to hearing from you.

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