• The ALL TIME STARS area at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart.

ALL TIME STARS: Our advantages at a glance.

Enthusiasm for a culture of authenticity.

The know-how of the brand specialists and the great enthusiasm for a culture of authenticity are the unique selling points for the vehicle business of Mercedes-Benz Classic. “Maximum transparency and a reliable assessment of all offered vehicles in different editions guarantee the prospective buyer that at ALL TIME STARS he finds exactly the vehicle he is looking for”, says Patrik Gottwick to underscore the philosophy of the vehicle business in the Mercedes-Benz Museum.

All young classic cars and classics undergo a thorough 160-point inspection and receive a Classic Data expert assessment. From a technical standpoint, they correspond at least to a grade of 2 for their condition – that is to say, good to very good.

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Video: Modern classics and vintage cars directly from Mercedes-Benz Classic.

Video: Buy modern classics and vintage cars at Mercedes-Benz ALL TIME STARS.