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Guided Tours 2018.

The Mercedes-Benz Classic Club Management once again grants you an exclusive insight into selected production facilities of Daimler AG.

We are glad to offer you tailor-made visitor programs which are not accessible to the public.

We enhanced the established guided tour in our Sindelfingen plant with a visit in the “Center of Excellence” where the most exclusive cars of the brand Mercedes-Benz are handed over to their owners.

Highlight of the year.

Our Mercedes-Benz production plant in Bremen will offer an insight into another highlight. We are pleased to offer the so-calledMercedes-Benz intense tours” exclusively for the official Mercedes-Benz clubs.

You will visit the production facilities and the off-road vehicle track.

However, what we are offering for the first time is the guided tour at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Rastatt. There you will visit the production as well and drive on the off-road vehicle track.


This offer is addressed to members only of officially recognized Mercedes-Benz brand clubs.

This announcement does not entitle you to participate in the program. After the due date of the application deadline we will send you a confirmation or a refusal at short notice accordingly via email.

Please fill in and return the attached application form by February, the 28th 2018 at the latest to:

Announcement Application Form