• Gloves on the steering wheel: the Mille Miglia is traditionally.

    Mercedes-Benz Mille Miglia Challenge.

    May 15th until May 19th 2018.

Make a dream come true.

Make a dream come true - join the “Red Arrow” on Italy’s roads from May 15 – 19, 2018 for the 36th re-enactment of the legendary Mille Miglia!

Lead the way and enjoy more than 1.600 km on nearly the same route as the current Mille Miglia, preceding the contenders as a tribute to the historic ties between the “most beautiful road race in the world” (to quote Enzo Ferrari) and Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-AMG vehicles in Italy.
Mercedes-AMG vehicles in Italy.

The special thing about the Mercedes-Benz Mille Miglia Challenge.

The special thing about the Mercedes-Benz Mille Miglia Challenge: alongside sports cars and AMG vehicles, the competition is also open to all Mercedes-Benz classic cars, which are not eligible for the official Mille Miglia. Whereas the Mille Miglia is open to only a few select vehicle models, the Mercedes-Benz Mille Miglia Challenge is your unique opportunity to enjoy an almost identical driving experience in a Mercedes-Benz vehicle of your choice.


Event registration can be made directly via the organizer, the Circle of Excellence GmbH.

Therefore please contact Guest Management by phone on +49 711 17 25000 or via email to

They will provide you with additional information and registration documents.

Participation deadline is April 3, 2018.


Flag on the roadside of the Mille Miglia.