An incredible rally set against a breath-taking backdrop: the Colorado Grand®.

Colorado Grand® 2014.

Four days, one thousand miles and unforgettable experiences: the Colorado Grand®. A guest feature by Royce Rumsey.
Photos & Text: Royce Rumsey

Opportunity makes a lover.

As a life-long automotive enthusiast I was thrilled to receive a call the Thursday before this years’ “Colorado Grand” asking if I would like to attend – I knew this was an opportunity not to be missed!

Regarded as “America’s Mille Miglia” amongst automotive cognoscenti, the Grand has become a premier automotive event – attracting some of the most famous, historic automobiles and renowned owners and drivers from around the world.

This year a Mercedes-Benz 500 K Open Tourer is also participating in the Colorado Grand®.

Full speed ahead.

The Colorado Grand is a weeklong event with four driving days of approximate 400 kilometres per day journeys through the spectacular, early Autumn Colorado countryside. This year marked the 26th anniversary of the event and it included many noteworthy cars: many of which I had only previously seen on the lawn of Pebble Beach.

Now I was to see these cars being driven enthusiastically at speed as they were intended, rather than just stately, static presence on a golf-course fairway. It was going to be glorious!

At the Colorado Grand® the vehicles are driven at the speeds they were truly made for.

Not just for passengers.

Mercedes-Benz is a significant part of the Grand as sponsor and participant with no fewer than 12 classic Mercedes taking part this year. The Mercedes-Benz Classic Center USA brought two notable cars to this years Grand – the 1962 300 SL Rally Roadster and for the first time this year, the stately and venerable 1935 500 K Open Tourer!

The Mercedes-Benz 500 K Open Tourer – a legend on wheels.

Imagine my astounded surprise to find out when I arrived at the event headquarters in Vail that my name was listed on the side of the 500 K as a co-driver! Initially I regarded this simply as nice gesture – little did I know at that time it was to be proven accurate!


The first day of the event proved to be the most challenging. I was serving as navigator with Mike Kunz skilfully driving the 500 K and within about 80 kilometres of leaving Vail we ran into cold and rainy-turning-to-snowy conditions. We were very glad to have all-weather gear on in an open touring car.

The unpredictable autumn weather demands

The 500 K requires knowledge and skill to be driven well in best of conditions and Mike’s considerable “Regenmeister” abilities were called into service – particularly so as constant adjustment of the timing advance lever was required to extract maximum power from the supercharged engine in the more than 8,000 feet altitude passes.

A break in Leadville.

I found myself reading the map book, calling out the next turn instructions while adjusting the timing lever while Mike attended to steering and non-synchromesh shifting duties and peering through a fogged and rain soaked windscreen.

Another participant in the Colorado Grand®: the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL.

A mid-afternoon coffee and hot chocolate stop in the historic silver mining town of Leadville was most welcomed, along with a chance to photograph some of the other, beautiful – albeit rain-spotted – participating 300 SL.

Behind the wheel of the 500 K.

Thankfully the second day dawned with bright sunshine and the beautiful Colorado countryside could be better enjoyed while Mike attended to the 500 K piloting and controls as he deftly drove the 500 K through the ski-resort town of Breckenridge and along the incredibly scenic Arkansas River. After an afternoon stop in the historic railroad town of Salida, I was astounded when Mike asked me to drive.

An exceptional challenge: controlling the Mercedes-Benz 500 K.

Taking over the controls of such a valuable and historic automobile is daunting to say the least, but with Mike’s patient guidance and instruction I was able to drive the 500 K without stalling, and getting through most non-synchromesh gear shifts semi-smoothly.

Precision driving is an art in itself.

A successful maneuver.

A last-second left hand turn instruction even found me putting the 500 K into a bit of a power-slide. Nate following behind in the support van remarked of this and I assured him it was much more luck than skill. After taking the 500 K up through 12,000 ft. Independence Pass, Mike took over the controls.

Respect for the racing greats: the Mercedes-Benz 500 K.

Superior performance.

Riding alongside him adroitly taking the 500 K down to Aspen with considerable alacrity and aplomb was incredibly impressive!

Once at the controls of these classic cars, one has markedly more respect for the likes of Caracciola, Lang, Rosenberger, Seaman and Kunz!

The Colorado Grand® is regarded as

The roar of the roadster.

Days 3 and 4 of the tour I drove alongside Constantin von Kageneck’s facile piloting of the 1962 300 SL Rally Roadster! This Roadster is dedicated to performance – with bumpers removed, roll bars installed and engine tuned–replete with unrestricted short side exhausts! Enthusiastic shifts by Constantin resulted in a wonderful, sharp bark from the exhausts with the report many times echoing off the Colorado canyon walls. When this happened, Constantin and I would just turn to each other with an appreciative smile and laugh!

A stop at the Dexter Meadows.

A picturesque stop.

The sprightly performance of the 300 SL allowed us to follow then pass and get a considerable lead on the rest of the hundred car participants. This allowed me to both take “passing shots” of the 500 K in action as well as setup for other cars as they approached the camera on the Colorado highways.

Two particularly picturesque stops were at the Dexter Meadows part of the C-Lazy-U ranch and the Carpenter Ranch where shots of the stately, yet road-dust covered 300 SL and 500 K were taken.

An unforgettable time.

The Grand culminates at the end of the week with a banquet and charity fund-raising auction as well as the “Concours d’Non-Elegance” at Vail Village with participating cars parked in their road-grime glory. I’ve had the pleasure of attending many car events, but the Colorado Grand is the most enjoyable one I’ve ever attended.

Spectacular vehicles against a breath-taking background create a unique experience for everyone involved.

My appreciative smile recalling this event in writing this is still with me. Many thanks to Mercedes-Benz for making such possible and I can’t wait to attend again next year!

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