Back to the future!

Mercedes-Benz Classic Calendar 2015

Keeping history alive.

Dear Mercedes-Benz Classic Fans,

“Back to the future” is the title of the Mercedes-Benz Classic Calendar 2015. It sums up perfectly our theme for the 2015 edition which features 12 select vehicles from over a century of automotive history which have been brought back to life by the Mercedes-Benz Classic experts over the past few years. The range includes exceptional road vehicles, legendary racing cars, record-breakers and pioneering research vehicles. Each vehicle tells its own unique story and together they reflect the comprehensive expertise of Mercedes-Benz Classic.

An outstanding example of such a project is the 540 K Streamliner. This powerful, yet extremely efficient luxury car was built at the Mercedes-Benz Sindelfingen plant in 1938.

A masterpiece of automotive craftsmanship combining well-thought-out aerodynamics with exquisite design and superb passenger comfort, it is now back in mint condition following several years of restoration and rebuilding.

To complement the calendar, we have created an online web special in which you can learn about the individual restoration story of each month's featured vehicle. The content also includes interesting images, details of materials and background information, all of which provide a fascinating insight into the work of Mercedes-Benz Classic.

We won't divulge any more at the moment – but you can look forward to outstanding pictures of vehicles on your wall and interesting background stories in the web special every month.

Don't miss out!

Kind regards, Michael Bock

Michael Bock, Head of Mercedes-Benz Classic

Expertise – the experience of several generations.

As early as 1936, the then Daimler-Benz AG presented an exhibition of historical vehicles based on a collection which had been started back in 1911. In 1961, ten years after the Mercedes-Benz Museum was reopened, the company's collection of automotive milestones was housed in its own building for the first time. 2006 saw the opening of a new Mercedes-Benz Museum. With its striking architecture, which remains a talking point to this day, it offers visitors a unique experience of the legendary Mercedes-Benz brand.

From the very start, the museum exhibits, like all the other vehicles in the company's collection, have been cared for by our own, in-house workshop which has developed a vast wealth of expertise over the years. Our skilled craftsmen are able to draw on this know-how, which cannot be found in any repair guide or workshop manual and which is passed on from generation to generation at Mercedes-Benz Classic. The goal is to maintain these exceptional, original vehicles as an authentic link to the past and so bring the history of the brand to life.


It is a fact that the whole is only as good as its individual parts and the way they work together. This principle also applies to a classic vehicle and its restoration. As the manufacturer, we have a decisive edge in terms of knowledge. Our archives give us access to a unique range of reference material: our own data and standards, the original drawings and photographs as well as the records which document the as-delivered condition of our vehicles. No-one else knows what the processes in the production and sales sectors were really like, which specifications were set with regard to materials and workmanship, which tolerances were permitted and which were not.

The genuine article

Genuine to the core - this motto applies to the provision of parts in particular. Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts are parts developed by Mercedes-Benz or a commissioned partner and manufactured in accordance with precisely defined standards. Unrestricted access to the data, documents and technical drawings in the Mercedes-Benz Classic archives ensures 100 percent authenticity when parts are reproduced. In addition, we are able to use the facilities of the Research & Development departments, draw on the experience gained in prototype manufacture at the plants and employ the latest technical methods for reproducing parts in genuine, original quality.


MB Classic is the division of the manufacturer responsible for Mercedes-Benz classic cars and has the expertise required to examine and certify the vehicles in terms of their condition relative to original delivery. The Mercedes-Benz manufacturer’s expert assessment, aimed at owners of highly valuable classic Mercedes and Mercedes-Benz automobiles, is recognised by the market as uniquely authoritative. It is based on the records of the individual vehicle data held in the archives as well as on the latest testing and measurement techniques which provide information about the authenticity of the vehicle and its components.

Individual repairs

Quality craftsmanship coupled with the precision of industrial manufacturing methods – this combination has a tradition at Mercedes-Benz and reflects the aim for perfection. These principles are observed when overhauling, restoring and repairing major assemblies and components of historical Mercedes-Benz vehicles in the Mercedes-Benz Classic Service Centre workshop. As with complete restorations, individual repairs are preceded by a thorough inspection. The disassembly, cleaning, measurement and appraisal of all important parts forms the basis for expert customer advice and individual cost estimates.

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