• The Mercedes-Benz Classic Calendar 2019 opens up a new dimension: here you can see the picture for the month April.

    Mercedes-Benz Classic Calendar 2019 – A new Classic experience.

    The Mercedes-Benz Classic Calendar 2019 opens up a new dimension: the Daimler Experience app provides access to digital content such as films and articles bringing the images of the Classic Calendar to life.

“#MBclassic – A new Classic experience”.

Year after year, the photographs in the Mercedes-Benz Classic Calendar invite the viewer to dream: for twelve whole months, the calendar takes them into a pictorial world of classic Mercedes-Benz automobiles. The new calendar for 2019 now offers an entirely new dimension, as the calendar pictures can be supplemented by digital content using the Daimler Experience app on smartphones and tablets. Under the title “#MBclassic – A new Classic experience”, there are fascinating calendar stories that cut across the various media. Moving photos of classic cars with the three-pointed star are brought to life by matching moving images.

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Title page of the Classic Calendar 2019.
The Classic Calendar 2019 as a mock-up.

The interface between the analogue and digital world.

At the interface between the analogue and digital world, the viewer can dive into the world of Mercedes-Benz Classic: going on a road trip from Stuttgart to Monaco in a luxury 1960s saloon; observing a rare Mercedes-Benz C 111 on public roads; following the tracks of the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL “Gullwing” at the legendary “1000 Miglia” road race across Italy. The calendar also gives a flavour of the fascinating atmosphere at the “Cars & Coffee” classic car get-together at the Mercedes-Benz Museum, which takes place there every Sunday in the summer.

Impressive photos.

Mercedes-Benz Classic is able to tell such special stories because the vehicles from the company’s own collection are regularly present at international and in-house events, on the race track and at other classic car get-togethers. These were the occasions on which the impressive photos in next year’s Classic calendar – as well as the digital stories behind them – were created.

The Mercedes-Benz Classic Calendar 2019 entitled “#MBclassic – A new Classic experience” measures 69 x 49 centimetres. Costing 29.90 euros, it is now available for advance ordering online from the Mercedes-Benz Classic Store. The calendar will also be on sale at the Mercedes-Benz Museum shop from October 2018.