• Magnus Walker.

    Magnus Walker at the Silvretta Classic Rally Montafon 2018.

    “If it feels good, just do it.”

Driving a Mercedes-Benz 300 SL on sublime alpine roads.

“Follow your gut feeling”: this is one of Magnus Walker’s maxims. In this case, the gut feeling must have been pretty good. Because the man with the wild dreadlocks under his baseball cap is taking part in the Silvretta Classic Rally Montafon in a Mercedes-Benz 300 SL “Gullwing” (W 198) – one of the world’s most coveted sports cars since the 1950s. This alone is an honour for the brand with the famous three-pointed star. Because Magnus Walker is famously devoted to another Stuttgart car maker: Porsche. The fact that he is driving the 300 SL from the Mercedes-Benz Classic collection on sensational roads in Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein on his 51st birthday makes his participation in the rally even more special.

Mercedes-Benz 300 SL.
Magnus Walker.

Key moment at the Earl’s Court Motor Show.

Nobody knows what would have happened had Magnus Walker and his father visited the Mercedes-Benz stand at the 1977 Earl’s Court Motor Show in London. Instead, it was the Porsche stand. And Magnus, who was ten at the time, fell in love with a 911 in Martini Racing look on display there – a love that stayed with him but was not fulfilled until much later. The young Magnus Walker applied for a job as a designer at Porsche right away, but the reply from the company advised him to wait for a few more years.

Video: Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing & Magnus Walker - Silvretta 2018.

Living the American Dream.

His life thereafter was a chequered history, although where he ended up was quite staggering: at seventeen, Magnus Walker arrived in Detroit, USA for a holiday job. Three weeks later he was on a long-distance coach headed for Los Angeles on the west coast, seeking glamour. He didn’t find it at first, but then he grasped several opportunities. The first and most important being an opening to take up a career as a fashion designer. Because Magnus Walker has won the hearts of many Californians with his self-styled punk fashion. Musicians and film stars like Madonna, Alice Cooper and Bruce Willis wear his creations. His business success enabled him to fulfil a childhood dream: in 1992 there was finally a Porsche 911 in his garage.

Magnus Walker.
Magnus Walker.

Customising as a life principle.

The second big moment: Magnus Walker delved deeper and deeper into the history of the model and the brand. And again acted out what had already made him successful once before: giving things an individual touch. He restored several sports cars while also adding extraordinary features. Customising is an esteemed art on the car scene in the US, and Magnus Walker likewise sees himself as an artist.

“True passion never leaves you.”

Thirdly: the “urban outlaw” describes what came next as another turning point in his life. A portrait film introduced him to a much wider public. Jay Leno invited him onto his show. Since then at least, Magnus Walker and his cars have become synonymous with fulfilling a love of cars. And the tattooed all-rounder has been living this idyll on dream roads all over the world ever since.

“Urban outlaw”: it is non-conformity that defines Magnus Walker’s journey through life – and allows him to be authentic.

So there is no other way he can approach the Silvretta Classic Rally Montafon than with authenticity in an original 300 SL. A chance to add several more dream roads to his collection all in one go. Whether the distance is short or long, or whether driving at high or moderate speed. What’s another of his maxims? “True passion never leaves you,” states the car fanatic. “If it feels good, just do it.”