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Manufacturer’s Expert Assessment: Certainty and transparency for owners of high-value, classic Mercedes-Benz cars.

Matching numbers.

The market value of a classic car is affected by factors such as vehicle condition, rarity of the model, individual provenance and degree of modification. Of course, in the ideal scenario, a classic vehicle should feature the oft-cited matching numbers. This term refers in particular to the correlation between the drive unit and the vehicle frame, including the bodywork.

Manufacturer’s Expert Assessment: Certainty and transparency for owners of high-value, classic Mercedes-Benz cars.
Great expertise: the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center looks after pre-war and post-war models of the brand.

Unique recognition and status.

Modifications to the vehicle frame and alterations to the engine or bodywork are, however, not uncommon in the classic car market. Generally speaking, any identifiable alterations are likely to substantially reduce the market value of the vehicle. At the opposite end of the scale are vintage cars that are still in close to as-delivered condition. Such vehicles are usually highly sought-after collector’s pieces and can sometimes attract spectacularly high prices at international auctions, setting them far apart from the rest of the market.

Mercedes-Benz Classic is the division of the manufacturer responsible for Mercedes-Benz classic cars and has the expertise required to examine and certify the brand’s vehicles in terms of their condition relative to original delivery. The authoritative Mercedes-Benz manufacturer’s expert assessment is aimed at owners of highly valuable classic Mercedes and Mercedes-Benz automobiles and has unique recognition and status in the market.

Producing an expert assessment.

When an expert assessment is produced, the first step is always an extensive examination of the vehicle’s current condition in the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center. Particularly important is the comparison of the relevant numbers – engine number, chassis number, bodywork number, etc. – with those of the vehicle when manufactured. The original numbers are recorded in fastidiously maintained purchase order books, or on data cards held in the Mercedes-Benz Classic archives. Moreover, state-of-the-art testing and measurement techniques are used to further verify that parts are genuinely original. For example, the chassis is subjected to a scientific materials analysis.

All these results form an overall picture that represents the expert opinion on how close the current condition of the car is to the as-delivered condition. Owners who obtain a manufacturer’s expert assessment are assured maximum certainty and transparency in regard to their classic Mercedes-Benz car. Naturally, this information is treated with full confidentiality and is only passed to the owner that requested the report.


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