Everyone’s classic car.

Take a seat behind the wheel of a captivating vintage car, start the engine and experience an unforgettable day – anytime you please and hassle free. Become a member of an exclusive community that grants you access to classic cars and experience the next now of CarSharing.

A lot of people dream of owning a vintage car. But intensive care and maintenance needs consume a large portion of time, leaving you with fewer opportunities for that Sunday scenic drive or post work spin you could be taking instead. Imagine a scenario in which you could have all the fun but without the additional hassle? “Legends”, the new Classic Car Club brought to you by Mercedes-Benz, helps you turn this dream into a reality.

Legends Club offers it’s member the following perks:

  • A selection of over 30 different classics and young classics
  • Comprehensive vehicle care, maintenance and insurance – you don’t have to worry about a thing
  • Extensive travel info on scenic routes for hassle-free joyrides
  • Hands-on workshops for hobby mechanics
  • Seamless and easy to use vehicle booking app
  • A club house boasting modern design and ambiance
  • Exclusive club events for our community of members

Legends Club Sindelfingen – The first milestone.

The first milestone in the history of the Legends Club is the clubhouse in Sindelfingen (near Stuttgart). Klaus Hagenlocher, manager of the first Legends Club, is a third generation old-timer enthusiast who has been continuously familiarizing himself with everything there is to know about vintage cars throughout his entire life. The combination of Klaus’s two masters in mechanical engineering, an additional degree in business administration and his highly motivated team uniquely qualify him to operate the first Legends Clubs. His background working at the Mercedes-Benz dealership Hagenlocher inspired him to specialize in Mercedes-Benz vehicles from all eras – historic vehicles from other brands are also among his passions.

Legenden Classic Car Club by Mercedes-Benz 
Legenden Classic Car Club by Mercedes-Benz 

From the idea to the street.

Having access to a fleet of various classics and young classics to cruise around in at one’s leisure, yet without the hassle of actually owning one makes the heart of any vintage car lover – and those aspiring to be one – skip a beat.

First launched as a pilot project in October 2015 in Sindelfingen, the Mercedes-Benz Legends Club now transforms this dream into a reality. Members are able to choose from a pool of over 30 Mercedes-Benz icons as well as classics from other brands such as Porsche and Austin Healey.

The project was initially conceptualized by Daimler’s in-house innovation lab, a business innovation division tasked with searching for new business opportunities that can serve to complement and support core business operations. The Legends Club combines the dream of driving a classic car with modern CarSharing concepts. Reflecting today’s widespread trend of the sharing economy, the Legends Club grants it’s members hassle-free access to a fleet of beautiful vintage vehicles – without having to worry about secure parking spaces and staying on top of regular vehicle maintenance.

During the pilot project’s first phase we are striving to learn how and in what capacity the Legends Club can be integrated into our existing mobility portfolio to the greatest benefit of our customers.

In the wake of this research, we are also pursuing a new target group: people living in urban environments who e.g. lack the garage space to securely harbour an old-timer, are hesitant to make a commitment to a single car model and just want to focus on enjoying taking an old-timer out for a spin once in a while – regardless of their age group. For this group of people the emphasis is on enjoying a vehicle versus owning one.

Our long-term goal is to build a global community that grants everyone access to an old-timer.