Classic car auction on 19 March 2016.

Auction house Bonhams.

The renowned British auction house Bonhams is again visiting the Mercedes-Benz Museum for an auction of vehicles produced by the Stuttgart-based brand. Following the auctions in 2014 and 2015, classic vehicle enthusiasts are now eagerly awaiting 19 March 2016, when a selection of privately owned cars will be auctioned. The auction is a highlight of the museum’s anniversary programme, celebrating ten years at its new venue.

The Bonhams auctioneer.

On 19 March 2016 the Bonhams auctioneer will once again be bringing down the gavel to seal the sale of a Mercedes-Benz. The cars being auctioned this year are all in private ownership. The Mercedes-Benz Museum has an outstanding track record as a venue for classic vehicle auctions.

Purchasing a catalogue.

The cars will be available to view in the run-up to the auction, which is scheduled to begin at 2:30 pm on 19 March. Viewing will take place from 9 am to 6 pm on Friday, 18 March and on the morning of the auction itself (Saturday, 19 March). Purchasing a catalogue, available directly from Bonhams at a price of 30 euros, entitles two people to attend the auction in the Large hall (Level E 1) – visitor numbers will be restricted.

One of the many highlights.

The Bonhams auction is one of the many highlights of the museum’s programme this year, which is designed to celebrate the ten-year anniversary. Other highlights include the special “Masterpiece E” exhibition on the E-Class, which opens on 19 May 2016. On 4 and 5 June 2016 fans and families will then celebrate the museum’s first big anniversary with a weekend of events on the theme “The future needs a past”.

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