• Concert Summer 2017: Rea Grvey on the stage

    The power of love: Rea Garvey.

The 'Emerald Isle' as a guest.

Irish weather. Appropriate for this evening. The wind blows the clouds across the sky in ever new, changing formations, now and again a drizzle of rain, and the next minute everything has changed again. The 'Emerald Isle' is also musically present on 1July in Stuttgart: Rea Garvey will perform against the impressive backdrop of the Mercedes-Benz Museum. A relaxed atmosphere among the audience, some hum one of the great hits of the singer with Irish roots, while others quickly pick up a drink before it kicks off.

Concert Summer 2017: The crowd is waiting for admission
Concert Summer 2017: Rea Garvey is rocking the show

Punchy and impressive prelude.

This is the case thanks to Ryan Sheridan and Ronan Nolan, both also from Ireland. Their prelude is punchy and impressive – both warm up the crowd in a matter of minutes with acoustic guitars and drums. Ryan strikes all the tunes possible from the strings, while Ronan works the drums with the same amount of boundless energy. Music as a high-performance sport - not something you experience every day. The duo give it their all, their energy flows into the crowd. Enthusiastic and admiring cheers and much applause fly back onto the stage. Firm beats to finish off: let the rest of the evening begin.

Kabuki entertainment.

The wind provides a cheerful interlude at first. A black Kabuki, a temporary stage curtain, is meant to conceal the stage so that the roadies can make the last preparations for the main act behind it. The silky smooth Kabuki gladly hangs down as it should. However the strong wind blows it aside and thwarts all sorts of activities that should remain secret. Everyone is happy, until it is announced that the Kabuki can be dispensed with!

Concert Summer 2017: The crowd is thrilled, despite the rain
Concert Summer 2017: Rea Garvey on the stage

Follow your heart.

The empty stage is also very pretty to look at. But it doesn't stay empty for long because the band are already taking up their instruments and warm up with a powerful sound and a distant but firm voice speaking. Its main message will be the programmatic summary for the evening:' You cannot get away from your heart. 'Not that anyone in the audience noticeably wants to escape their heart. Indeed, the exact opposite would seem to be the case, because otherwise they would not be here at the Mercedes-Benz Concert Summer and at this precise event. But strengthening the heart's energy, why not?

Outsmarting the weather.

And then he's there: Rea Garvey. He kicks off with 'Wild Love' and 'Sorry Days', followed by 'Armour', his hymn for equality among for all of humanity: 'I’ve got no armour on my heart. So fire away.' The audience has long since been fired on all cylinders, dancing, singing and clapping. The wind is still blowing, it still drizzles now and again. But 'Candlelight', another hit from the musician with enormous stage presence, puts an end to that: candlelight in the form of musical warm tones wins out over the powers of nature, and sure enough the wind and the rain abate until the concert is over.

Concert Summer 2017: The crowd is thrilled, despite the rain
Concert Summer 2017: Rea Garvey is performing despite the rain

A tour of the audience.

One great hit after another. 'Colour me in', 'Can’t say no', 'Can’t stand the Silence', 'Supergirl' and lots more: the fans are generously showered with hits. In between hits, the band are allowed a short break as Rea Garvey on acoustic guitar plays the traditional Irish song 'Black is the Colour'. A break for Rea himself? Certainly not. But what did he just say? 'I just have to go get something 'He starts playing the next song and singing, he disappears behind the stage with the wireless microphone – popping up again in the audience, and then embarking on a tour right through the middle of the crowd. Hands stretch out towards him, strong arms even lift him up above the crowds. Garvey passes on his strong message in the most direct manner: 'Love someone'.

Storms of applause right to the end.

But the fans didn't just catch on to this now. Not these fans who have come from far and near for Rea Garvey. Carried by the music, they give back the only thing they can on this evening: applause rises to the stage, accompanied by shouts of joy and undulating choruses. The mood barometer is at its limit. Can this end? Unfortunately it has to. 'Oh my love' makes for an initial close, but no, that doesn't happen as the crowd just won't let Garvey leave the stage: They cling to the song and sing the chorus once again so that the band start up again, obviously enjoying themselves. They return the favour with three encores, the last one is 'End of the show'.

The final lighting effects, the final chords and a final round of applause that, however, doesn't seem to want to end. What a great performance in the midst of the Mercedes-Benz Concert Summer. An animated audience pours out in front of the festival grounds.. 'It was phenomenal', says Ute, who travelled from Balingen with her husband Erich. He adds: 'It couldn't have been any better. We would come back again in the blink of an eye.' Ruth from Stuttgart is also completely abuzz. 'That was a great concert!' What did she like the best? 'Rea Garvey's character. It’s unbelievable, the way he creates the atmosphere.'