• Mercedes-Benz Museum Concert Summer 2019.

    FAQ — Concert Summer 2019.

    The most important information about the Concert Summer 2019.


The Concert Summer site is not a legal vacuum. The event was planned together with the security authorities in charge and will be accompanied by the police, fire and medical services. In addition, security personnel will be on duty for safety at the Concert Summer and to ensure that it runs smoothly.

  • Combination ticket

    The concert ticket grants the holder free admission to the Mercedes-Benz Museum during the event period from 4 – 7 July 2019.

    After the Concert Summer 2019, you will still have the opportunity to get 25% on admission to the Mercedes-Benz Museum in 2019.

  • VVS combination ticket

    The admission ticket grants the holder an outbound trip to the event site starting 3 hours before the event opening and a return trip up to end of operating hours using all VVS transit (2nd class).

  • Arrival and parking

    We recommend using public transit. U 11 light rail runs every 15 minutes (1.5 hours before the start of the event to about 60 min after the event ends). The admission ticket grants the holder an outbound trip to the event site starting 3 hours before the event opening and a return trip up to end of operating hours using all VVS transit (2nd class).

    As an alternative, you can use the designated parking options in Neckar Park. Please follow the applicable signs.

    There will be a shuttle to the concert in a historic Mercedes-Benz O 3500 bus, built in 1950, from the Schlossplatz square. The bus runs (exclusively) on 7 July between 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Please note that the bus has limited capacity and there is no guarantee for transportation.

  • People with restricted mobility

    The festival site is largely barrier-free and easily reachable for people with restricted mobility. Near the main stage there is a separate wheelchair platform as well as sufficient accessible toilets.

  • Entry checks / Security

    The entry checks may take longer due to people and bag screening. Please bear with us. We kindly ask you to be patient and to refrain from pushing. The checks are necessary in order to ensure a safe time at the Concert Summer.

  • Rucksacks and bags

    Bags and rucksacks up to DIN A 4 in size are allowed. Anything bigger is not allowed. Rucksacks and bags can be handed in at the luggage trailer available for this purpose for a fee.
  • Banned items

    (1) Visitors are not permitted to carry the following items:

    • Weapons, gas spray cans, pressurised gas cylinders, corrosive or colouring substances or other items which by their nature can be used to injure people or damage property or used as a missile,
    • Bottles, cups, jugs or tins which are made of breakable, splintering or particularly hard material,
    • Bulky items. In particular, these include items which by their nature represent a danger to the health of other visitors or items which could become dangerous through misuse if suspected in concrete cases, such as signs, flags, ladders, stools, folding chairs, crates,
    • Flags or signs with incitements which constitute a criminal offence or transgress standards of public decency,
    • Racist, xenophobic or extreme right-wing propaganda material
    • Liquids and beverages from outside the premises in any type of packaging are not permitted on festival grounds
    • Animals.

    (2) The following is also banned:

    • Expressing racist, xenophobic or extreme right-wing views, declaring these through gestures or distributing them via relevant material;
    • Lighting fires, carrying, burning or letting off easily flammable substances, pyrotechnic items (flares, rockets or other fireworks);
    • Selling goods or tickets commercially without the permission of the operator or the event organiser, distributing printed materials and other items of all kinds, carrying advertising media of any kind and carrying out collections;
    • Damaging, marking, painting or pasting anything on or defacing structural installations, facilities or paths in any way.
  • Photo and video

    Only mobile phone cameras are allowed. Bringing in professional audio, film, photographic or video recording devices (in particular cameras with an interchangeable lens, but also Go Pros and tablets) and producing such recordings is not allowed.

    No professional equipment is allowed without press accreditation.

  • Youth protection

    During the Concert Summer, the following age restrictions are to be noted:

    • Children under six are not admitted to the event
    • Youths up to age 14 are only granted entry if accompanied by a legal guardian.
    • Youths from age 14 are allowed to visit the event up to 10 p.m., and youths from age 16 up to midnight.

    You can download a “note from Mum/ education commission” here:


  • Weather


    The Concert Summer is taking place in high summer and in the open air. Therefore, you should ensure an adequate supply of water, sunscreen is recommended, and please wear appropriate clothing such as a cap or sun hat.


    We ask all visitors to leave their umbrellas at home. Rain capes are offered at the venue.

  • Hearing protection

    We would like to point out that some high noise levels are to be expected at the festival site. While these will be measured on a continuous basis, we still recommend protecting yourself with earplugs. Earplugs are available at the ticket desk and at the merchandise marquee.

  • Medical emergency

    In an emergency, please call 112 immediately or ask someone nearby to make an emergency call. Alternatively, you can also go to a member of security staff.

    Please be prepared to answer the following questions from the emergency call headquarters, our security staff or medical services:

    • Where is the patient?
    • What has happened?
    • How many people are injured?
    • What injuries?
    • Who is calling?
    • Wait for further questions!

    While you wait for medical services to arrive:

    • Ensure your own safety first.
    • Administer first aid: calm and look after the patient.
    • If necessary ask other people to help you.
    • If possible place the patient in the recovery position.

    The first-aid tents are easily visible on the site plan.

  • Lost and found

    Lost property can be handed in and collected at the cash desk in the main entrance of the Mercedes-Benz Museum.

  • Other information

    Rules and regulations of the Mercedes-Benz Museum Stuttgart


    Addition to the rules and regulations for Concert Summer 2017


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