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  • The concert summer 2017 through a smartphone lens.

    Five concerts. Five parties.

A special musical treat.

A total success: That is how one can summarise the Mercedes-Benz Concert Summer from 28 June to 2 July 2017. The five shows in front of the impressive backdrop of the Mercedes-Benz Museum are not only a special treat in a variety of musical genres, but with their highly emotionally appealing nature also provide a lot of goosebumps for the more than 21,000 visitors in all. On Sunday, that number swells by another 6000 visitors who attend the Children's and Family Day in and at the museum.

The entrance to the Concert Summer 2017 is crowded with people.
People stretch their arms into the air at the Concert Summer 2017.

An event with summer in its name.

As far as the weather is concerned, summer leaves a little bit to be desired these days. It is unsettled and sometimes at the edge of being cool and rainy. But that does nothing to dampen the mood. The artists turn up the heat, and the crowd also brings inexhaustible party energy. The result is a concert series that rightfully has summer in its name: Long evenings with a great atmosphere front to back, plus cool drinks and lots and lots of music: a top event.


'Good evening, Stuttgart“! – This greeting can be heard at each of the five concerts. But Max Herre from the band Freundeskreis is the first to shout it to the crowd gathered in front of the large open-air stage on Wednesday and Thursday. The legendary hip-hop band with roots in the state capital plays two gigs. Advance ticket sales were already better than good: The first show sold out in 30 minutes – no wonder, it is the first time in ten years that Freundeskreis plays together again.

The organiser set up a second show and thereby made additional tickets available. Freundeskreis then delivers a great retrospective with 'Kolchose-Pulsschlag', as Max Herre announces right at the start, together with special guests Joy Denalane, Megaloh and Afrob during a show lasting more than two and a half hours. The mega-cool atmosphere is almost like at a beach party and is the icing on the cake.

Teey with band at the Concert Summer 2017.

Teesy & Vona.

Friday brings no less than two singer-songwriters: Vona takes the open-air stage first and exudes melodies, rhythms, words, cheerfulness. He also likes to play the ukulele and the guitar himself. The exuberant fans reward the energy-laden performance with enthusiastic cheers and mega-applause. As a result, the ground is perfectly prepared for Teesy. The Berlin-based songwriter and rapper has left his trademark bow-tie at home this time. He and his band (see picture) go to work with such power that nearly everyone is dancing in front of the stage after just a short time: The unbridled party mood of the audience then ignites the next stage, and Teesy provides the soundtrack to another gigantic open-air party.

Rea Garvey.

Ireland, the 'Emerald Isle'. Music and the associated conviviality are integral parts of the friendliness of the people there. Rea Garvey is living proof. The singer approaches his audience in a highly direct manner and in many songs underscores what is important in life: heart and kindness above all. He thrills the crowd on the big open-air stage on Saturday with his big hits. 'Wild Love', 'Fire', 'Sorry Days', 'Colour me in', 'Can’t say no', 'Supergirl', 'Oh my love': He gives his fans these and other songs, they take the mood barometer to the limit.

Another gift from Rea Garvey: a surprise walk through the audience. The star you can touch – that is rare, but here at the Mercedes-Benz Concert Summer it is the case. His concert, a huge party. And after almost two hours, an inspired crowd leaves the concert grounds.

Lina at the Concert Summer 2017: It's raining glitter.


A star you can touch – that's Lina, too, even during her autograph session in the morning. Then on Sunday afternoon her concert on the open-air stage of the Mercedes-Benz Museum: The young fans crowd the dance floor well before the show starts. 3 pm sharp – Lina jumps on stage. She has her audience firmly in her grip, one hit after another, and the mood rapidly approaches the highest level. The fans jump and sing and dance as if there was a world champion title for this. Naturally – much too soon this concert is also over. But the fans' joy makes it abundantly clear how much Lina touched their hearts amidst this concert summer.

Big Children's and Family Day.

Lina's performance is a highlight of the big Children's and Family Day of the Mercedes-Benz Museum on Sunday, 2 July, which is incorporated into the concert summer. Other items on the programme also generate tremendous enthusiasm, for example the shows of magician Alexander Straub (see picture). Card tricks, disappearing balls and bananas, levitating tables – the spectators watch his hands spellbound and yet discover nothing but pure magic. The children have the opportunity to demonstrate their own creativity and dexterity in the popular Genius Campus Workshops and in the 'Fascination Design' workshop, for example, they can design their own car model or steering wheel.

Magician Alexander Straub shows his tricks at the Concert Summer 2017.
Long lines in front of the Mercedes-Benz museum.

Long lines in front of the museum.

Free admission to the permanent exhibit of the museum – on offer on Family Sunday for young and old. The rush is so great that the ticket office has to be temporarily closed repeatedly. A long line winds all the way to far in front of the building. The patiently waiting visitors accept it with equanimity, because everyone gets their turn and gets into the museum with astonishing speed. But there is also entertainment in the outdoor area. With 'Dance for Good' for example, a string of people dancing for a good cause: Mercedes-Benz Bank donates 5 euros for each dance sequence with video upload.

Relaxed car talk on the hill.

Or at Cars & Coffee, the all-brand classic car meet of the Mercedes-Benz Museum around the ALL TIME STARS summer lounge, which is held on 12 dates up until 10 September 2017. Of course, most of the presented vehicles bear the famous three-pointed star. The cars on display include a 300 SL Roadster from 1963, which lay dormant in a barn for 17 years and is now being restored by his owner piece by piece with great passion. Or a 280 SEL 3.5 from 1970, for 36 years owned by a friendly and loquacious gentleman. But there are other brands to be discovered, too. Peugeot, Plymouth, Porsche – they and others are part of Cars & Coffee today.

Classic cars at the Cars & Coffe meet up at the Mercedes-Benz museum.
Children playfully learn how to be safe in traffic "MobileKids" children's driving school.

'MobileKids' children's driving school.

If the young museum visitors finally want to drive cars themselves, go ahead: The 400-metre 'MobileKids' course offers precisely that. The children navigate the course in miniature open-top SLK Roadsters while playfully learning how to be safe in traffic, complete with theoretical and practical instruction. A colourful programme – on offer at the Children's and Family Day of the Mercedes-Benz Museum. The satisfaction visible in the faces says: The visit was worth it.

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