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    The mega-party on Family Day: Lina

Excited fans.

Sunday morning, 2July. She is really here and close enough to touch: Lina. Later, she will play a show on the open-air stage of the Mercedes-Benz Museum. But first, she has invited fans to an autograph session. Her fans – almost exclusively very young and youngest ladies – stand on their toes in the queue to catch a glimpse of the star before reaching the front of the line. At the table, the nervousness of the fans almost brings the air to a shimmer. What a thrill, an autograph from Lina herself!

Young fans waiting for Lina.
Fans cheering for Lina!

Incorporated into the Family Day.

The Mercedes-Benz Museum incorporated this concert into the big Family Day. A wonderful idea, because it is the perfect place for it – right in the midst of the many events for the youngest visitors. Free admission to the permanent exhibit, magic shows with Alexander Straub, the 'MobileKids' road safety course, and much, much more: Young and old truly get their money's worth. Quite a few – almost one fourth of the some 6000 visitors that day – bought a Lina ticket in addition – the singer's 'Glitzer Deluxe Tour 2017' makes a stop here today. The concert is sold out.

Fans in perfect outfits.

The rows in front of the open-air stage completely fill way ahead of time. If you look around, you see a great many stars among the female fans: wearing glitter makeup, some even sporting a genuine glitter jacket, very many with short cut-off jeans over leggings – the ladies know how to dress perfectly for the occasion. Sweet, say some. A particularly warm manner to honour the star on stage, say others. And all are right.

Lina performing on stage!
Fans cheering for Lina!

Almost unbearable suspense.

2:59 pm. One more minute before the show. At least half the fans have already left their seats and are crowding the area in front of the stage. The other half doesn't quite dare yet. 'Lina' shouts start to ring out, and an insistent chorus forms. The excitement has long become palpable, when it is further amplified by a spoken countdown. At 3 pm sharp, the first beat thunders through the loudspeakers, and she jumps on stage: Lina is here. Finally. Her first song is greeted by a welcoming applause that is truly special. She is not the only one beaming: everyone is.

Great party with exuberant atmosphere.

A party commences that leaves many others in the dust. Lina rocks the house – even though in this case it doesn't have a roof. Open air, that smells of summer, and the atmosphere is accordingly exuberant. 'Cast off what keeps you back, take a run-up and jump“: Lina does not need to prompt most of her fans to dance with this line from her second song, 'Das Beste (geht ohne Überlegen)'. And already more are pouring down from the stands. No problem, the space in front of the stage is large, there is room for everyone. The singer, hardly older than her target audience, knows how to win over the crowd: Bang, no less than two canons fire colourful glittery streamers that gently rain down on the audience. Those who catches glitter in the air are happy.

Lina performing on stage.
Fans holding up handmade Lina signs

Soundtracks with gold status.

The other fans do not sit idle and just watch either. They sing along loudly as well and hold up handmade 'Lina' signs! And start bouncing up and down to get into the spirit! Lina has her dedicated fans and surely quite a few since starring in the 'Bibi & Tina' films, of which the last ran in theatres this year. More than three and a half million viewers for all four instalments: an excellent result. The soundtracks sung by Lina went gold.

Richly rewarded children

Just between us, there are also parents in the crowd. They are giving their youngest ones a gift with this concert visit alone. But that's not all: for some fathers, it is a great honour to accompany their daughters to the front of the stage and maybe even put them on their shoulders. Is there a better box seat? Some mothers disappear for a moment to return with new fan merchandise, which they then present to the partying offspring. This includes posters and t-shirts, but the biggest hit is likely this fantastic baseball cap from the fan collection: it comes in an elegant black with small pink flowers. It would grace any head, but usually ends up on female heads. The gleaming eyes beneath them are worth the purchase price alone.

Lina photographs her fans from the stage.
Die Fans in den ersten Reihen jubeln beim Konzertsommer 2017 im Glitzerregen für Lina.

Part of the Mercedes-Benz Concert Summer.

And Lina, she has everybody firmly in her grip with her hits – with her lyrics, she touches the hearts of fans young and old. She presents the repertoire with her band in a perfect stage show that runs for 90 minutes, with support from Tilman and Luis during some songs. With the professionalism of her show, she takes her rightful place among the great artists of the Mercedes-Benz Concert Summer. The party space in front of the stage has long since filled, and enthusiastic bodies bounce up and down in sync. Some parents in the upper rows also know the lyrics and bob to the rhythm of the music. Lina bids everyone farewell with her song 'Dieses Gefühl', and bang, glittery streamers shoot from the canons into the crowd one last time. One more time, a colourful rain comes down on the audience, and those who now finally catch a piece go home that little bit better off. The tone is accordingly enthusiastic as people jostle at the exit: 'That was cool!“ – 'We could dance the entire time!“ – 'Wow, she is so nice!“ – 'Can we come back next time“?