Mercedes-Benz 409 pickup with crew cab.

Mercedes-Benz 409 pickup with crew cab.

This Mercedes-Benz L 409 served the German disaster relief organization THW in the 1980s and 1990s as a repair crew vehicle. It can carry six persons and 1.5 tons of equipment. The L 409 belongs to the van series which was manufactured from 1967 to 1986 and was also called the “Düsseldorf van” for the factory that built it.

  • Cylinders 4
  • Displacement 139 cu in
  • Output 66 kW
  • at engine speed 4800/min
  • Top speed 65 mph
  • Payload capacity 4520 lbs
  • Seats 6
  • Production period 1974-1982

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