Mercedes-Benz 500 K special roadster.

Mercedes-Benz 500 K special roadster.

The Mercedes-Benz 500 K was the car of the rich and the beautiful. Together with the representative Grand Mercedes, the elegant 500 K sports car was the brand’s show-piece in the 1930s. Of the eight different bodywork versions of the 500 K, the special roadster was the most appealing, the most elegant and – at a price of 28,000 Reichsmark (roughly equivalent to 98000 EUR) – the most expensive.

  • Cylinders 8
  • Displacement 306 cu in
  • Output 100 hp (74 kW)
  • at engine speed 3400/min
  • Top speed 100 mph
  • Production period 1934-1936
  • Units produced 34

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