Milnes-Daimler double-decker bus.

  • Collection 1: Milnes-Daimler double-decker bus

  • Milnes-Daimler Doppeldeckerbus.

    Milnes-Daimler double-decker buses saw use in London from 1904 on. The chassis, manufactured at Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft, were furnished with bodies in England and sold by Milnes-Daimler Ltd. 400 in London alone up to 1907. A major customer was Vanguard London Motor Omnibus Co., Ltd., whose logo the exhibited vehicle shows.

    • Cylinders 4
    • Displacement 325 cu in
    • Output 28 hp (21 kW)
    • at engine speed 1200/min
    • Top speed 12 mph
    • Seats 34