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    Mountain lodge magic at the Mercedes-Benz Museum.

    Until 23 December 2017.

More comfortable and bigger.

The popular winter mountain lodge at the Mercedes-Benz Museum opens the 2017 season. Until 23 December 2017, it opens its doors on the museum hill, Tuesdays through Sundays, 11:30 am until the evening hours.

On the menu of the cosy Cannstatt Mountain Lodge are dishes inspired by the Alps.

Reservation inquires are accepted at or 0711 – 17 83063.

Cannstatter Hütte vor dem Mercedes-Benz Museum im Winter 2015/16.

Die Cannstatter Hütte vor dem Mercedes-Benz Museum 2017.

Christmas parties.

The winter lodge, popular for years, will again offer its charming ambience at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in 2017 - with a new look. The Cannstatt Mountain Lodge is bigger and more comfortable than last year. It now offers seating for between 150 and 175 guests. The interior can also be divided into two or three sections to accommodate several groups at once.

Therefore ideal for office Christmas parties, for example, for which there are still openings in the reservation book in November.


Culinary delights.

For culinary delights, the Cannstatt Mountain Lodge offers a winter journey through the Alps (for example, braised ox cheeks in Lagrein sauce). In addition, there is a daily special at lunch for 7.20 euros.

Menu Cannstatter Hütte

Die Cannstatter Hütte vor dem Mercedes-Benz Museum 2017.
Die Cannstatter Hütte vor dem Mercedes-Benz Museum 2017.


The special events include fondue evenings on 4 and 25 November as well as on 9 and 16 December (24.60 euros per person, reservations accepted for parties of two and more), the Après-Ski Party on 18 November starting at 8:00 pm (admission free of charge, but limited) as well as Mountain Lodge Brunch on 10 December from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm (32.00 euros per person).