The victory car of Mercedes-Benz with the starting number 63 at the 24-hour-race in Le Mans in the year 1989.

Triumph at the racetrack.

At the 24-hour race in Le Mans in 1989, the Sauber-Mercedes C 9 achieved a spectacular double victory. A memory.
The first Sauber-Mercedes C 9 Silver Arrows went to the starting line at the international race course in the year 1989.

Impressive return.

The late 1980s marked the successful return of Mercedes-Benz to the international racing circuits following the automobile manufacturer’s departure from circuit racing in the year 1955. In 1984, Mercedes-Benz agreed to supply engines for the prototype sports cars of the Swiss racing team of Peter Sauber used in the Group C motor racing series. Four years later, Mercedes-Benz officially returned to the starting line with the Sauber-Mercedes C 9. In addition to their unique technical features, the sports cars were also given a new look with the striking silver paint, which clearly signalled that Mercedes-Benz had again entered into the competition. In the years from 1989 to 1990, the new silver arrows took home a total of 16 victories from 18 races. One highlight was the double victory at the legendary 24-hour race in Le Mans in 1989.

Double victory.

“The race is considered to be one of the most rigorous in the world. It is a great honour to win there,” said Michael Bock, Head of Mercedes-Benz Classic and Managing Director of the Mercedes-Benz Museum GmbH. On June 10th and 11th, this magnificent double victory of the Sauber-Mercedes C 9 at the French long-distance classic will celebrate its 25th anniversary. In 1989, the silver arrows conquered the top two places in Le Mans, exactly 37 years after the first and until then only Mercedes-Benz triumph. The victory car with the starting number 63 was steered by Jochen Mass, Stanley Dickens and Manuel Reuter. The racing team of Mauro Baldi, Kenny Acheson and Gianfranco Brancatelli won second place with the starting number 61.

The Sauber-Mercedes C 9 won across the board in the legendary 24-hour race in Le Mans in 1989.

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