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Evolving the cars of the future today.

Design sets brands apart and is instrumental in defining a brand's public image.

The designers of the Daimler design department are involved between the poles of tradition and modernity to develop the cars of the future.

Experiencing modern luxury.

For them, a holistic approach is essential. Not only the products but also the brands of Daimler AG have to be put in scene perfectly. Therefore, the international team around Head of Design Daimler AG Gorden Wagener is responsible for the design of all brands and products within the company - including all cars as well as a holistic corporate design of all brands. The designers create every touchpoint, where the customers get in contact with the company, and an overall experience at the same time. Their aim is that the company is recognized as a luxury label. As for them, luxury is much more than an automotive statement, it is a lifestyle.

Their focus is on the Mercedes-Benz brand, with the design philosophy of sensual purity which defines a modern luxury. Today luxury means a timelessness that goes beyond mere fashion. True luxury is rare but consequently also highly coveted. There is an increasing desire for emotive, authentic experiences, a paring-down to the essentials. High tech in combination with traditional craftsmanship and genuine pleasure moves more into focus.

Hot and cool.

The philosophy of sensual purity expresses an essential aspect of the brand – the bipolarity of emotion and intelligence. For the designers good design has to be beautiful and intelligent, or – brought to a point – hot and cool. The products of Mercedes-Benz make it easy to fall in love with them, and they are irresistible – in short: they are hot. That is expressed by one aspect of the brand core, symbolized by Gottlieb Wilhelm Daimler, which harks back to the era of the early racing and classic cars.

The other aspect, represented by Carl Friedrich Benz, stands for the rationale, reduction and technic – the products are cool like something surprisingly, which was never seen before. The designers create with that philosophy not only automobiles but also a world of modern luxury.

The design philosophy is defined by the design code. It is based on six guidelines and appropriately interpreted for each model. Thereby each vehicle is given its own unique character, but always remains recognizable as a Mercedes-Benz.