Gorden Wagener, Head of Design Daimler AG, at his desk in the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Center Sindelfingen, working on new design sketches.

Instagram Contest #MBhotandcool: Mercedes-Benz wants your pictures!

What is hot? What is rather cool? Take a photo that captures both and win the #MBhotandcool photo contest.

Take part in #MBhotandcool now!

Gorden Wagener, Head of Design at Daimler AG, invites you to share your interpretation of Mercedes-Benz’ design philosophy with the community. Simply post a photo with the hashtag #MBhotandcool on Instagram which you think is both “hot and cool” – a phrase which sums up the design philosophy of Mercedes-Benz.

A person is holding a smartphone. On the screen there is the Mercedes-Benz Instagram-Account. The wining photo is going to be published right here.

Cars wearing the Mercedes star combine beauty and emotion with intelligence and functionality. This creates a perfect match of form and function – “sensual purity” – as it’s called in the Mercedes-Benz design world.

Your interpretation of “hot and cool”.

Your Instagram post with the hashtag #MBhotandcool does not necessarily have anything to do with cars. The only requirements are that it must show the contrast between hot and cool while conveying beauty and intelligence – and you must also own the rights to the image.

Your picture seen by millions.

Gorden Wagener and his team will choose the three best submissions. It’s then up to the online community to choose the winning picture by giving it the highest number of “likes” via the Mercedes-Benz Facebook page. The winner will have the unique opportunity to present his or her picture to a social media audience of over a million viewers, as Mercedes-Benz will publish the winning photo on its global Instagram and Facebook channels.


We’re looking forward to seeing your creative images on Instagram for the #MBhotandcool photo contest.

Gorden Wagener discussing with a designer from his team. In the background there are extensive design sketches.

The essentials at a glance.

An overview of the #MBhotandcool photo contest:


On your Instagram profile, post a photo with the hashtag #MBhotandcool that reflects your interpretation of “hot and cool.” The deadline for posting is October 18, 11:59 p.m. Central European Time.


You may only participate in the contest in your own name and by submitting an image on your own Instagram account. You may post as many photos with the hashtag as you like – whether old or new – as long as you own the rights to them.

Gorden Wagener and his team will choose the three best images from all entries submitted after the contest closing date October 18, 2016. The finalist photos will be announced on October 21 via the global Instagram and Facebook channels of Mercedes-Benz.

The online community will then decide on the winner photo through “likes” (the image with the most “likes” wins). Voting ends on October 25, after which the winner will be announced.

The winner of the photo contest will gain exposure in front of a million-strong audience in the social web as the winning photo will be released by Mercedes-Benz on its global Instagram and Facebook channels.

Conditions of participation.

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