Also in his leisure time the head of design is a passionate painter. You won’t find works by Wagener in any gallery, but there are plenty of them hanging in various offices at Daimler.

On the trail of the Mercedes-AMG GT with Gorden Wagener.

The head of Design has delivered his latest success story in the unmistakably clear shape of the Mercedes-AMG GT.

The Mercedes-AMG GT as a sculpture.

“It very quickly became clear to us that the Mercedes-AMG GT is just impossible to draw”, says Gorden Wagener and, as he continues to speak, his hands begin to define sweeping lines in the air. “The GT needed to be a sculpture. A car that you have to mould out of a solid block. In all three spatial dimensions at once. So that’s how we came to settle very quickly on a single idea.” It was an idea that the Mercedes-Benz design chief and his team immediately translated into a clay model. The result is an unmistakable interpretation of sensual purity.

First draft: The GT has a sculptural character from the get-go.
Distinctive features include an instrument panel that emphasises the width of the Mercedes-AMG GT and a high-set centre console.

The Mercedes-Benz design philosophy.

Passion for beauty, intelligent aesthetics and sensual excitement all find their technical and artistic expression in the design of this super sports car. “As such,” according to Wagner, “the Coupé is the incarnation of our Mercedes-Benz design philosophy. The sculptural and sensuous character of the GT is defined by positively curved surfaces which, both to the sides and in the shoulder area, remain free of structural lines and edges”, is the way the design chief describes this sense of emotional purity.

Pure passion for the GT.

Gorden Wagener’s every word and gesture convey the tremendous passion that he feels for the Mercedes-AMG GT. The three-dimensional “diamond” radiator grille and single fin he gave to the GT help to define its confident, sporty face, while the headlamps with their iconic “eyebrows” lend the sports car its characteristic look of self-assurance.

Even as a schoolboy, Gordon Wagener could draw better than most of his classmates.

The rear wing curves out of the side of the vehicle like a tensed muscle to form broad, dynamic and extremely athletic shoulders.

A sports car in its purest form.

The cabin is pulled in to create the characteristic Mercedes-Benz “Coke bottle” shape, giving the vehicle its extremely powerful stance. Every modern Mercedes-Benz vehicle features this signature “Coke bottle” effect, the Mercedes-AMG GT in its most extreme form.

The fact that the Mercedes-AMG GT is a sports car in its purest form is also underlined by the sensual nature and yet clarity of the interior design.

The clever interplay between clear design and authentic materials allows passengers in the GT to experience a whole new understanding of what “modern luxury” can mean in a thoroughbred driving machine such as the GT.

Meanwhile the design chief is finally able to drive the Mercedes-AMG GT himself. A prototype of the GT is his company car.

AMG GT: Beauty and intelligence united.

“This is a setting in which the driver can experience the consummate combination of beauty and intelligence,” says Wagener. Incidentally, the head of Design is now also able to enjoy his creation to the full. “Until the Mercedes-AMG GT was launched to the world, I’d probably driven it about five meters in our display hall,” he tells us. He had to wait impatiently until the middle of October, since when Gorden Wagener has been able to drive a prototype of the GT as his company car in white with red leather. At last.

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