Mercedes-Benz Apartment.

Mercedes-Benz Living @ Fraser.

Sophisticated living with Mercedes-Benz Style.

In November 2015 Mercedes-Benz entered the market for premium business apartments in collaboration with the Frasers Hospitality Group, a leading international provider of luxury serviced apartments. As part of a pilot project entitled ‘Mercedes-Benz Living @ Fraser’, visitors to London are now able to book six serviced apartments that have been designed by Mercedes-Benz Style. A further nine apartments in Singapore will follow in spring 2016.

The world of Mercedes-Benz design.

The project allows people to experience the world of Mercedes-Benz design even when they’re not on the road. Inspired by the interiors of the company’s current vehicle range, the team at Mercedes-Benz Style worked with experts from the hospitality industry to apply the brand’s ‘modern luxury’ design philosophy to the serviced apartments.

The ideal of sensual purity is conveyed through the elegant spaces that blend seamlessly into each other, the carefully chosen colour contrasts, the sculptured furniture and the innovative 'Black Wall' that provides information and entertainment.

A holistic luxury concept.

These special features underscore the brand’s design philosophy of uniting high-end aesthetics with high-tech innovations as part of a holistic luxury concept. And it means the Mercedes-Benz experience can continue even when you’ve left your car.


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