Motor Yacht.

Motor yacht design by Mercedes-Benz Style –

marine mobility to aesthetic perfection.

Comfort and avant-garde on the water.

Fascinating design with all the speed and elegance of a Silver Arrow.

The Mercedes-Benz designers’ passion for new unseen designs has resulted in something unique indeed: a progressive and fascinating motor yacht that reflects the dynamic design of Mercedes-Benz and stands for luxury, style and pleasure on the water. A Silver Arrow of the seas, it features the charismatic design elements contained in the famous sports cars and these have been adapted to the specific requirements of a motor yacht in a way that communicates pure emotion.

Technical superiority at its most beautiful.

At 14 metres long, the Granturismo yacht unites a highly aesthetic form with maritime innovations that have not been present in the boat industry until now.

This new type of motor yacht was realised in close collaboration with the project partner, Silver Arrows Marine – whose team includes world-renowned marine architects responsible for some of the most capable and luxurious craft in the world today.

Exclusive furnishings for the highest expectations.

The yacht’s interior features an impressive and elegant ambience that provides a new level of style on board, and the valued comfort that only Mercedes-Benz offers. The yacht’s variable concept for spatial use also leaves its mark; the space can be flexibly adapted to the occasion – for day trips or staying on board overnight. A top-end boat that neither compromises on functionality nor on user-friendliness.


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