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  • The new Mercedes-AMG GT R.

    The design of the new Mercedes-AMG GT R.

    Aerodynamics engineers and designers worked together intensively during development of the new AMG GT R. Form and function complement each other perfectly.

    Mercedes-AMG GT R:

    Fuel consumption combined: 11.4 l/100 km;

    CO₂ emissions combined: 259 g/km.*

Embodiment of sensual purity.

The AMG design idiom forms the basis for the far more expressive overall appearance and the very distinct look of the Mercedes-AMG GT R. Form follows function, and function supports form: All elements have an inherent technical benefit and contribute to the enhanced driving dynamics, while the aerodynamics experts have made the designers' wishes a reality. The design of the AMG GT R embodies sensual purity – hot & cool. Apart from the powerfully sculpted body and the motorsport components, the new AMG Panamericana grille is a real eye-catcher. This unique feature also comes from the world of motorsport and is celebrating its standard-production première in the AMG GT R: its 15 chrome-plated vertical fins cite the look of the new AMG GT3 racing car.

View of the AMG Panamericana grille of the AMG GT R.

The basic form of the new radiator grille goes back to the Mercedes‑Benz 300 SL racing car that won the legendary Panamericana road race in Mexico in 1952.

Side view of the AMG GT R.

Unbridled forwards thrust.

The low-slung front section and the forwards-inclined radiator grille create a distinctive “shark nose” impression and make the car appear to sit lower on the road. At the same time, this shape lowers the vehicle's back-pressure point, enhancing the flow of cooling air and the car's aerodynamic performance.

The more V-shaped arrow-like appearance of the front end also enhances the dynamic looks, thus embodying the uninhibited forwards thrust of the AMG GT R even before it moves. A front fascia featuring a completely new-look jet-wing design (based on the A-wing) emphasises the sense of width and lends the car a more road-hugging appearance.

Close up of the front section of the AMG GT R.

Reminiscent of jet engines.

In terms of their shape, the large outer air intakes in the front fascia are reminiscent of jet engines. They ensure that the increased cooling-air requirements of the AMG GT R drive system are met. For this reason, they sport two aerodynamically shaped horizontal fins in place of meshes and as a result route the airflow to the radiators without loss. The wide front splitter reduces lift at the front axle. Additional Air Curtains on the outside of the front fascia calm the airflow, improving the Cd value of the AMG GT R. Thanks to their narrow, vertical openings, the Air Curtains also guide the air specifically towards the wheel arches, optimising the flow properties in this area. To ensure ideal airflow through the double wheel arch radiators, the AMG GT R additionally features new and unique wheel arch liners with special cooling-air slits.

Power pack.

The front wings made of super-light carbon add a total of 46 millimetres to the width of the AMG GT R at the front and make room for the wider track and large wheel/tyre combinations. The powerfully sculpted wings emphasise the longitudinal dynamics in addition. A further distinguishing feature is the special wing signet featuring a fin and a large air outlet through which the waste heat from the engine bay flows. This fin is perforated and incorporates the AMG diamond logo with five slats. The side view additionally benefits from the new, optional AMG Performance forged wheels in matt black.

Detail of the AMG GT R.

The especially lightweight 10-spoke wheel is exclusive to the AMG GT R and its highly elaborate design includes a drop-centre rim, a milled groove and two high-sheen rim rings of different width.

Performance and efficiency enhanced.

The lightweight design of the wheels has three advantages: it reduces the overall weight, the rotatory mass and the unsprung masses. Efficiency and performance are enhanced, while the wheel suspension and steering deliver even more precise response, all of which also has a positive effect on the chassis and suspension control systems. The wheels afford a clear view of the brake callipers, which are painted in yellow exclusively for the AMG GT R. New side sill panels give the vehicle an even lower stance on the road, while inserts in high-gloss black set an individual tone. The same applies to the high-gloss black caps on the housings of the door mirrors. The AMG GT R comes as standard with a roof made of high-grade carbon to underscore the high-contrast look of the vehicle.

AMG GT R: wheel in detail.
Rear view of the Mercedes-AMG GT R.

Emphasis on width and aerodynamic optimisation.

The rear end also features numerous, conspicuous innovations: the new aluminium side walls widen the rear of the AMG GT R by a total of 57 millimetres, creating space for the larger 20-inch wheels and the wider track. Both measures make for improved traction while allowing higher cornering speeds. The wider design of the rear fascia with large outer vent openings and vertical swaging improves the airflow at the rear end, as does the double diffuser. The overall heat dissipation of the silencers is optimised as the warm air is exhausted by the double diffuser while driving.

Distinguishing feature – the exhaust tip.

A small air outlet is incorporated between the tail lamps for additional dissipation of the heat generated by the rear silencer. A further distinguishing feature of the AMG GT R is the large exhaust tip with centre spar, which is centrally positioned in the rear fascia. It is flanked by two more black exhaust tips on the left and right in the diffuser. The large rear wing is rigidly mounted on the hatch and increases the downforce on the rear axle. The aerofoil mounts are painted in the vehicle colour whereas the blade is finished in high-gloss black. Depending on the type of use or racetrack conditions, the precise angle of the blade can be adjusted manually ‑ yet another technique also used in motorsport.

Detail of the AMG GT R.

The new AMG GT R therefore offers maximum grip, perfect drivability and a powerfully proportioned design that integrates the aerodynamic functions harmoniously.

Interior of the AMG GT R.

Inspired by motorsport.

The interior is also strongly inspired by motorsport. Extremely light, manually adjustable AMG sports bucket seats upholstered in nappa leather and DINAMICA microfibre come as standard. They offer the necessary lateral support even in extreme driving manoeuvres. Alternatively, tried-and-tested AMG Performance seats can be ordered as an option at no extra cost. The optional yellow seat belts, dials with yellow highlights, the AMG Interior Piano Lacquer package and special controls, including those for the new AMG TRACTION CONTROL, underline the unique standing of the new AMG GT R. The wide-looking dashboard is reminiscent of a powerful wing and continues the aviation design theme. Four central spotlight-style vents and the individual vents at the right and left ends of the dashboard reinforce this impression. In conjunction with the high beltlines, the concave-shaped door panelling and the dynamic centre console, the AMG GT R consummately integrates the driver into the cockpit thanks to the low seat position.

Racing genes.

The shape of the dominant centre console, reminiscent of a NACA air intake, and the authentic materials suggest that it has been adopted directly from motor racing. Positioned centrally, the free-standing central display is another eye-catching feature. Attention to detail is also echoed in the AMG DRIVE UNIT controls: they are arranged like eight cylinders in a V layout, emphasising the powerful and hi-tech impression made by the centre console. The new AMG Interior Night package likewise comes as standard. In this package, the shift paddles, steering wheel bezel, door sills and boot cross member are finished in high-gloss black, which combines with the standard-specification AMG Interior Piano Lacquer package to further emphasise sportiness. As an option, customers can order the trim in matt black carbon fibre.