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  • Design sketch of the side view of new Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

    Sensual purity in perfection.

    The tenth-generation executive saloon delivers stylish highlights with its distinct, emotive design.

Sophisticated, confidently stylish and dynamic.

The new E-Class is sophisticated, confidently stylish and dynamic: the design of the new E-Class is characterised by hallmark Mercedes saloon proportions. The elongated bonnet coupled with a coupé-esque roof flowing into a sensual, broad-shouldered tail end creates an exciting silhouette. Short overhangs, long wheelbase and large wheels emphasise the athletic character of the vehicle.

Sketch of the rear view of the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

The distance from the front wheel arch to the door opening, which is a measure of comfort, is exceptionally large in the case of the new E-Class, thus confirming its unique position.

Sketch of the side view of the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

Athletic character, sculptural curve.

Low, stretched-looking side windows, surrounded by high-grade discontinuous aluminium trim around the window outline, also contribute to the muscularly stretched vehicle body, which appears to be visually more compact than it actually is. The E-Class thus systematically embodies the Mercedes-Benz design philosophy of “sensual purity”. The taut, well-defined flanks display a fresh, stylish and dynamic interpretation of the feature line, which develops from the headlamps and extends over the whole vehicle length.

A sculptural reverse curve in the lower region of the doors and in the bumper visually resumes the feature line while ensuring a stylistic tension. Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer Daimler AG: 'With its contemporary luxury, the new E-Class embodies the perfect interpretation of the design philosophy of sensual purity, both in the exterior and in the interior. It is the most beautiful and luxurious E-Class of all time while also exuding a sporty elegance. In addition, it is the first Mercedes-Benz model with the catwalk line'.

Distinctive headlamps.

A characteristic element is the double eyebrow of the reinterpreted daytime running lamps. The face of the vehicle is shaped by distinctive headlamps with a clear-lens design. Static High Performance headlamps and MULTIBEAM LED headlamps are optionally available. They give the saloon a majestically focused look while featuring an unmistakable design, also by day, with double torch and high-quality modelled details. The 2nd-generation MULTIBEAM headlamps are instantly recognisable. They provide new, visual highlights with passively illuminated, blue light surfaces.

The MULTIBEAM LED headlamps of the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

These outline the hallmark E-Class “torch effect” of the daytime running lamps and side lights and, even when low beam or high beam is switched on, create a blue setting for a characteristic look. Like various other design elements, the housing is in black, giving an impression of both quality and depth.

“The most beautiful E-Class of all time.”

A striking feature is the integration of the brand-typical daytime running lamp design in the High Performance and MULTIBEAM LED headlamps. Following the inner contour, it gives a distinctive note to the direction indicators, Coming Home lights, side lights and daytime running lamps. The result is that, in both their night and day design, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class models are uniquely identifiable, standing apart from other vehicles at the visual level.

Design sketch of the new MULTIBEAM LED headlamps.
A Mercedes-Benz LED rear lamp with multi-level functionality.

Tail lights with torch design.

Single-piece tail lights featuring a two-bar design framed by the vehicle body clearly identify the E-Class as a new member of the Mercedes saloon family. Similarly to the front end, the tail lights are equally tautly drawn. The torch design of the tail lights emphasises – also in the night design – not only the characteristic form of the tail lights, but also makes for improved safety. Optionally available rear lights provide an additional highlight reminiscent of stardust, the Milky Way or the glow of a jet engine. This crystal optic effect is created by an innovative reflector technology with a specially designed surface structure for the tail light and ensures a brilliant appearance. The optionally available rear light uses all-LED technology.

High safety requirements when it comes to design.

The newly designed rear lights are also brilliant in terms of safety. For example, the light intensity of the brake lamp – and also the direction indicators – varies between daytime and night-time within the legally permissible limits (multi-level functionality). A black insert in the rear bumper gives the rear end a lighter and therefore sportier look.

Design sketch of the rear view of the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

All equipment lines come with a two-part rear bumper and visible stainless steel tailpipe trim elements integrated into the bumper (except Basic line).

The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class AMG Line.

Diversity that makes each different model stand out.

The new E-Class clearly shows a muscular front end that boasts a different look for each design and equipment line. The base version features the classic Mercedes radiator grille with the star on the bonnet, as does the EXCLUSIVE Line – albeit in an even more elaborate fashion. The AVANTGARDE and AMG Line models are identifiable by the sports radiator grille with a large Mercedes star as its centrepiece. Each of the radiator grille designs lends the E-Class a distinct character – elegant and with an emphasis on status or dynamically elegant – offering a unique degree of diversity that makes each different model stand out.


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