Mercedes-Benz Klaus Frenzel.

Klaus Frenzel: Director Digital Graphic & Corporate Design.

Digital Graphic & Corporate Design handles the conception, creation and implementation of all digital content in and around the vehicle as well as the holistic corporate design for the brands of the group.

“We arrange the entire digital world within and around the vehicle.”

Which unit do you manage?

The center Digital Graphic & Corporate Design.

What are the main tasks of your unit?

With our internal and partner teams at different locations such as Sindelfingen, Silicon Valley and Beijing, we arrange the entire digital world within and around the vehicle. Together with all Daimler design centers we continually develop our design strategies and through our different companies we arrange or moderate the holistic design appearance of our company brands – from the product to all classical and digital touchpoints.  Additionally there are a lot of non-automotive products, which we create under the “Mercedes-Benz Style” brand for selected licence partners.

Describe a typical working day?

I´ve never experienced a typical working day. Time and again it is a new mixture of everything: discussing drafts, inventing strategies, negotiating technical possibilities, administrating tasks, holding personal conversations with colleagues, in person or via video conferencing by “visiting” the foreign locations, presenting results and giving lectures. Being enthusiastic and inspiring others, but also being doubtful, arguing, holding on and finally coming to a result. Each day is a struggle for the optimum.
Klaus Frenzel, Director Digital Graphic & Corporate Design.

“In design everything comes together.”

Where does your enthusiasm for design come from?

I discovered that design represents the largest intersection between many of my interest areas: art and aesthetics, technology and function, humans and society and much more. In design everything comes together.

What do you like to do in your leisure time?

What is leisure time? I am occupied with a variety of different things within artistic, cultural and mental areas and observe the world and its connections. What part of this is a job? What is “free” time? Finally, everything comes together: it is my life, which I spend as much as possible with my family.

What inspires you?

Inspiration results from confrontation: to be interested in various ideas, to hear and see news, being enthusiastic or also disappointed with something, but nevertheless reflecting on it, finally perhaps accepting it or rethinking and discovering new contexts. But always remaining true to yourself. That is life. That is inspiration.

Who or which you have might be?

I can't think of anybody with whom I would really like to change.

Previous positions within the company.

Head of Digital Graphic & Corporate Design, 2015
Head of Corporate Design Strategy & Digital Interior Creation, 2013
Head of Advanced Design Studio Germany, 2011
Head of Exterior Design Mercedes-Benz Cars, 2009
Head of Advanced Design Team Germany, involved in the development of various series production and show car projects, 2005
Assistant to Prof. Pfeiffer (Senior Vice President Design), 2001
Project Manager C-Class design, 2000
Designer Mercedes-Benz Exterior/Interior, 1995

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