Gorden Wagener: Head of Design Daimler AG.

Gorden Wagener developed the Mercedes-Benz design philosophy of “sensual purity”.

Photos: Michael Dannenmann/ Daimler
  • Gorden Wagener: Head of Design Daimler AG.

  • Design philosophy of “sensual purity”.

    Gorden Wagener is Vice President Design for the worldwide operating design unit of Daimler AG. In 2008, he took over his position. For him, design defines brands and a holistic approach is essential. Not only the products but also the brands of Daimler AG must be staged perfectly. He and his international team are therefore responsible for the design of all brands and products within Daimler AG, including all cars as well as a holistic corporate design of all brands. The focus is on the brand Mercedes-Benz. Under his leadership, the new design philosophy of sensual purity was created in 2009, which defines a modern luxury. It embodies both characteristics “hot” and “cool” and thereby expresses an essential aspect of the brand – the bipolarity of emotion and intelligence.

    Frontal view of different Mercedes-Benz cars and commercial vehicles.

    A variety of models bear Gorden Wagener's signature as Vice President Design, such as the new E-, C- and S-Class models, the GLE Coupé and GLC SUVs, the Mercedes-AMG GT as well as smart and the commercial vehicles of the company.

    A distinctive signature.

    Gorden Wagener was born on 3 September 1968 in Essen. After studying Industrial Design at the University of Essen (1990-1993), he specialized his studies in Transportation Design at The Royal College of Art in London. Before he joined Mercedes-Benz in 1997, he worked as an exterior designer at Volkswagen, Mazda and GM.

    In 2009 he received the title of Professor Honoris Causa from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest. In 2010 he was awarded an honorary doctorate from the Technical University of Sofia.

    An impressive career.

    Previous positions within the company:
    Vice President Design Daimler AG, Mercedes-Benz Cars, Vans & Daimler Trucks, 2008
    Director Design Strategy and Global Advanced Design, California, 2007
    Vice President DaimlerChrysler Research, Engineering and Design North America Inc., 2007
    Senior Manager Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design North America, Inc., 2006
    Manager Exterior/Interior Styling A-/B-/C-/E-/CLK-/CLS-Platform, 2002
    Manager Exterior/Interior Styling R-/ML-/GL-Platform, 1999
    Transportation-Designer at Mercedes-Benz Design, 1997