Hartmut Sinkwitz, Director Interior Design.

Hartmut Sinkwitz: Director Interior Design.

The interior designers of Mercedes-Benz create and realise interior concepts for production vehicles as well as for show cars and visions of the future.
  • Hartmut Sinkwitz: Director Interior Design.

  • The search for the best compromise.

    Which unit do you manage?

    I manage the Mercedes-Benz Cars interior design unit.

    What are your unit’s main activities?

    We design all vehicle interiors starting with the first sketch and also take care of additional process steps, such as drafts and CAD models, clay models, hard models, equipment models or highly accurate data verification models. We design every single detail right down to the final series production car.

    Describe a typical working day.

    A typical working day is a highly varied affair. I visit the workstations of many models and make decisions on aspects of design details. In many cases, this can be described as searching for the best compromise to achieve technical production feasibility. In addition to working on project designs, I deal with a host of different subjects, such as assigning new, urgent tasks to teams, budget topics, committee meetings, but I also take time to attend to strategies or presentations.
    Hartmut Sinkwitz and his team design all vehicle interiors of Mercedes-Benz cars starting with the first sketch.

    Architecture and art as an inspiration for automotive design.

    What sparked your passion for design?

    Ever since I was a small child I had always dreamt about being an automotive designer because it combines my passions for cars and creating new forms.

    What do you like to do in your free time?

    Driving cars, painting, cycling, visiting museums and, last but not least, spending time with my children.
    Hartmut Sinkwitz found his dream job at the Mercedes-Benz design department.

    What inspires you?

    I think it is important to maintain a steady flow of new impressions and for this reason, I enjoy travelling. I consider other design areas that have nothing to do with automotive design, such as architecture or the arts, to be an inspiration.

    If you had the opportunity, would you choose a different career?

    I am in just the right place to give my best with a new team. This is a dream job!

    Previous positions within the company.

    Director Interior Design, since 2008
    Director Interior Design Mercedes-Benz (in addition to Head of Design smart), 2006
    Director Advanced Design Mercedes-Benz Germany (in addition to Head of Design smart), 2005
    Head of Design smart; Projects: smart Roadster, smart forfour, smart fortwo (2nd generation), various show cars, since 2000
    Team Leader Exterior and Interior Design, Exterior projects: e.g. Mercedes-Benz C-, E-Class and SL 1999
    Project Manager Exterior Design, 1996
    Automotive Exterior Designer, 1995