• The Design of the Concept EQA.

    The Design of the Concept EQA.

    The full-electric Concept EQA impresses with reduced lines and balanced proportions.

Design statement with convincing proportions.

“With our Concept EQA we have reinterpreted our design philosophy of Sensual Purity and developed the Modern Luxury into a Progressive Luxury for our EQ brand. We eliminated creases and lines and reached the next level of purity”, says Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer Daimler AG. “With its stunning proportions, seamless flowing surfaces, combined with stimulating graphics using high tech black panels, it is definitively a bold design statement: this car is simply sexy,” says Chief Design Officer Gorden Wagener bout the EQA, the first Mercedes-Benz all-electric concept vehicle in the compact segment. Balanced proportions, sensual surfaces and stimulating graphic contrasts make this a highly attractive vehicle. Add future-defining electric mobility, and the result is a bipolarity of emotion and intelligence: the show car is both hot and cool at the same time.

Opening of a new design era.

The Concept EQA’s purist design, with its emphasis on surfaces and clear contours, gives the vehicle a supremely sporty and modern character as well as accurately designed details with a high value and degree of exclusivity. The Concept EQA has the potential to usher in a new design era. With its two-box design and its short overhangs, the Concept EQA has dynamic and compact proportions. Short overhangs, particularly at the rear, and the shallow greenhouse, which is positioned well back, emphasise the volume of the vehicle body, while the integration of modern graphics creates a unique, sporty character. The alubeam paint finish produces a powerful contrast with the black panoramic glass roof and with the black panels. The muscular wheel arches emphasise the exclusive 20-inch wheels.

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Animated 3D grille and lit central star.

Instead of a conventional radiator grille, the show car features a black panel with integrated LED matrix at the front, flowing seamlessly out of the bonnet. This black panel is a virtual radiator grille which can completely change in appearance: the Concept EQA shows the surrounding world which drive programme the driver has selected via an animated design in the virtual grille. In the “Sport” drive programme, the grille depicts a flaming wing in horizontal format, while in “Sport Plus” mode vertical struts in the style of a Panamericana radiator grille are displayed.

Common to both grille variants is the illuminated central star. The headlamps are seamlessly embedded in the black panel grille and, together with the animated 3D grille, produce the new EQ face. The signet of the daytime running lamps reflects the hallmark Mercedes-Benz look. This underlines the feel of effortless superiority and sportiness. The blue lines are continued in the bumpers, giving the vehicle a lower-slung look.

Light technology with laser fibers.

When it comes to the light technology, Mercedes-Benz has opted for laser fibres. Unlike laser diodes, where electrical energy flows into a semiconductor, here a laser-activated medium is embedded in the centre of a fibre-optic cable. This new technology ensures homogeneous lighting of the road and, from a design point of view, creates a three-dimensional look with precise contours. The spiral-shaped light signet underlines the electric concept, its design evoking the copper windings of an electric motor and the animation visualising electrical impulses.

Connection of elements of a unique welcome light.

The large, wrap-around rear window extends around the sides as far as the muscular shoulders. Beneath the black window is a lighting strip which also extends across the entire width of the vehicle, underlining the sporty nature of the Concept EQA. Like the headlamps at the front, the rear lamps also use laser fibre technology and also visualise electrical impulses. Further black panels at the front (central star and radiator grille surround), rear (bumpers) and sides (graphical element above side sills) of the Concept EQA accommodate LED strips. These are elements of a unique welcome light, which could be activated during the remote parking process, for example.