Sketch of the Mercedes-Benz “Concept Digital Core”.

Transformer 3.0 – the Mercedes-Benz “Concept Digital Core”.

Gorden Wagener, Head of Design Daimler AG, sketches his vision of the automobile in the year 2030 exclusively for the German magazine “Auto Bild”: the Mercedes-Benz “Concept Digital Core”.

An intelligent and emotional entity.

The design idiom of the car with the star will still be characterised by the values of emotion and intelligence in the year 2030. The current Mercedes-Benz design philosophy of “sensual purity” will thus be expressed in the fully automated and networked vehicles of the future. More than ever, cars will be more than just a means of transport, as the sketch of the Mercedes-Benz “Concept Digital Core”, designed by the Advanced Design, shows: The idea of a sporty, emotive fastback model with a puristically clear design. Quite simply: “hot and cool”. The car of the future will literally anticipate our every desire by monitoring our vision. Numerous sensors and cameras will record information to be forwarded by intelligent fibre structures and processed at the relevant location – that is how the “Concept Digital Core” interacts with its environment.

Sketch of the Mercedes-Benz “Concept Digital Core”.

Then, there are the counteractions which considerably facilitate operation – in many respects the driver and automobile will become one intelligent and emotional entity.

Impressive transformations.

As “Transformer 3.0”, it takes the transformability of the Mercedes-Benz “Concept IAA” vehicle presented last year to extremes. In the “Concept Digital Core” vehicle, the intelligent fibre structures in the interior and the flexible bi-metal structure of the body skin allow the exterior design and colour to change. It is not only the aerodynamics that can be influenced in this way, but also the packaging and space vary as required.

Sketch of the Mercedes-Benz “Concept Digital Core”.

Flowing and without any visible transitions, the “Concept Digital Core” completes this impressive transformation, whilst at the same time managing to present its captivating design perfectly.

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