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Steering aids and power steering systems.

Your requirements are our challenge. Our solutions for relocating the combination switch and cruise control lever and installing the steering wheel knob provide owner-drivers with new opportunities for self-empowered mobility.

Steering wheel knob.

The ergonomic steering wheel knob ensures safe and convenient operation of the steering wheel with one hand. To retain the functionality of the airbag the steering assistance and power steering are located underneath the airbag. The steering wheel knob can be easily removed from its holder using a pushbutton.

Mercedes-Benz Driving Aids: Steering Wheel Knob.
Mercedes-Benz Driving Aids: Multi-function rotary knob "MFD TOUCH".

Multi-function rotary knob “MFD TOUCH”.

The “MFD TOUCH” is a wireless remote control unit for the main beam, indicators, horn and windscreen wipers. It is easy and fast to operate and is enhanced by the intuitive, ergonomic keypad. All these functions can be carried out without having to let go of the steering wheel.

Combination switch/CRUISE CONTROL lever (mechanical).

A lever relocation makes things easier for people with limited functionality in their left arm. In order for indicators, high-beam and low-beam headlamps and the cruise control function to be operated from the right, additional mechanical levers are mounted on the original levers.

Mercedes-Benz Driving Aids: Combination switch/CRUISE CONTROL lever (right-sided).