AMG BASIC-Training Power & Passion.

Mercedes-AMG CLS 63 S:

Fuel consumption combined: 10.4 l/100km;

CO2 emission combined: 243 g/km*

AMG BASIC-Training Power & Passion.

Terrain: Racetrack

Days: 1

Price: on request

Requirements for participation: (International) Driver’s License

Conditions for participation (PDF)


Your Mercedes-AMG can do more.

But what exactly? The AMG BASIC-Training Power&Passion, which you get as part of the optional AMG Driver’s Package when you purchase a Mercedes-AMG, will divulge all the insider tips and secrets. This event ought to be the first highlight on your shared journey with your new vehicle. On closed training grounds you’ll learn how to improve your control – even when emergency braking and under- or oversteering. Of course, you’ll also succeed in mastering your first laps on the racetrack. At the end of a busy day of driving, you’ll have definitive proof that your Mercedes-AMG can do more when it matters – as can you.


  • Participants’ own vehicles
  • Car Control
  • Race Taxi Ride

Mercedes-AMG C 63 S: Fuel consumption combined: 8.4-8.2 l/100km;

CO2 emission combined: 195 - 192 g/km.*

Programm & Fakten.

Individual arrival, welcome, theoretical instruction:

  • emergency braking – braking and evasive action with traffic light circuit
  • car control – understeering, oversteering - getting to know different ESP levels
  • distance braking – end of traffic jam
  • Lead & Follow – racing line on the racetrack
  • efficient driving
  • slalom handling
  • expert presentation on traffic law
  • ride in the AMG Race Taxi
  • final briefing
  • Individual departure


Participation with voucher Participation without voucher: price on request

Max. 36 Teilnehmer:

Nürburgring GP - 5/6/2016

Max. 48 Teilnehmer:

Nürburgring GP - 2/6/2016

Nürburgring GP - 4/6/2016

Hockeinheimring - 11/7/2016

Hockeinheimring - 12/7/2016

Hockeinheimring - 13/7/2016

Max. 80 Teilnehmer:

Sachsenring - 29/6/2016

Sachsenring - 18/10/2016

Theoretical and practical driving training (German/English), full board throughout the entire event, including drinks with meals, technical support for customers’ vehicles

Requirements for participation: (International) Driver's License



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Fax: +49 7144 302-576


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Mercedes-AMG GT S: Fuel consumption combined: 9.6-9.4 l/100km; CO2 emission combined: 224 - 219 g/km*