Berufsfahrer Individual Coaching.

Onroad Summer Training.

Berufsfahrer Individual Coaching.

Days: 2


One participant 3.400,00 Euro

Two participants 3.950,00 Euro

Three participants 4.695,00 Euro

Four participants 5.100,00 Euro

Requirements: valid driving licence class 3/B

Conditions for participation (PDF)

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Berufsfahrer Individual Coaching.

Building on what you’ve learned in the Professionals Perfection Training, this course focuses on further enhancing your driving technique. Based on an individual programme put together with your help, it demands the highest degree of driving ability and concentration from you at all times. In addition, you are deliberately subjected to some extremely stressful situations that really put you to the test. The aim of this one-day course is to ensure maximum training success. Training can be provided for up to four participants. Groups of three or more will be provided with two vehicles.

  • intensive training course with high driving content

Agenda and topics.

Start: 8.30 a.m.

Finish: around 5.00 p.m. (2nd day)

(incl. catering and one overnight stay)

Options for your individual coaching:
  • slalom
  • lane change/traffic light
  • ABS snag/traffic light
  • corner braking

  • drifting circuit
  • corner over-/understeering
  • handling course
  • weight transfer slalom
  • breaking/one-sided
  • ABS snag
  • drifting in circles
  • over-/understeering on a circular track
  • multi-course




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