Extreme G-Class Training.

Offroad Summer Training.

Extreme G-Class Training.

Days: 2

Price Standard: 1080,00 Euro

Price With own vehicle: 980,00 Euro


  • Valid driving licence class 3/B
  • Please be aware of the requirements that apply when using your own vehicle.

Conditions for participation (PDF)

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This is where you become an off-roading pro. The two-day course will prepare you for any terrain, however remote.  It’s the perfect training for our off-roading tours.

Our instructors will send you through extreme obstacles on the extensive off-road terrain until you can routinely master every challenge. The course also teaches you how to help yourself in any situation, including putting your car back onto its wheels.

A weekend spent among like-minded people and, if you like, the start of a great adventure.


  • Sand tracks
  • Mud courses and fording
  • Handling course
  • Righting an overturned vehicle
  • Extreme gradients

Agenda and topics.

Start: 10.00 a.m.

Finish on the 2nd day: around 4.00 p.m.

For example:

  • driving on side slopes
  • sandy track
  • forest ascents (demanding)
  • steep descent and ascent (demanding)
  • extreme descent and ascent gravel
  • circuits
  • mudwater crossings
  • deep water crossing
  • 80 % low-friction descent and ascent
  • torsional flexing (demanding)

  • extremely steep descent and ascent
  • ABS braking course
  • handling course
  • all-terrain obstacle race
  • preparing for extreme water passages
  • winch use
  • righting an overturned vehicle
  • emergency repairs
  • traction systems
  • general automotive technology




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