G-Class Training.

Offroad Summer Training.

G-Class Training.

Days: 1

Price Standard: 550,00 Euro

Price With own vehicle: 450,00 Euro

  • valid driving licence class 3/B
  • completed Basic Training or long standing offroad experience
  • Please be aware of the requirements that apply when using your own vehicle.

Conditions for participation (PDF)

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G-Class Training.

Go further in a G-Class. Its advanced technology enables you to negotiate extreme terrain. As well as the 4ETS electronic traction control system, the G-Class has three engageable differential locks, which allows it to press on where other vehicles are forced to give up. You’ll learn the theory and practice of engaging, and mastering, differential locks and other technical features of the G-Class. The expanse of demanding terrain near Biberach is the perfect place to get to grips with the G-Class in its element. Don’t just expect steep up and downhill stretches with gradients up to 100 %, but get ready for fords and twisted tracks.

  • demanding forest ascents
  • steep ascents/ descents
  • deep fords
  • 80-90 % low friction ascents/ descents
  • vehicle recovery

Agenda and topics.

Start: 10.00 a.m.

Finish: around 5.00 p.m.

(incl. meals)

For example:

  • ascents/descents
  • driving on side slopes
  • sandy track
  • forest ascents (demanding)
  • steep descent (demanding)

  • steep ascent (demanding)
  • circuits
  • mud-/deep water crossings
  • 80 % low-friction descent and ascent
  • torsional flexing (demanding)
  • ABS braking course
  • handling course
  • vehicle recovery with straps




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