Race Track Training.

Onroad Summer Training.
  • Onroad Summer Race Track Training.

  • Race Track Training.

    Days: 1

    Price: 795,00 Euro

    Requirements: valid driving licence class 3/B

    Conditions for participation (PDF)

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    Our entry-level training course on the race track.

    Practice with our motorsports instructors how to keep the vehicle under control during this demanding course – on the race track and on the test drive areas. After the basic exercises, the course sets off in search of the perfect racing line and optimum braking point. When does the vehicle oversteer or understeer, at what speed and in which section? Work on pushing the limits and show that you are truly fit for the track. An intensive day is in store for you.

    • race track training for beginners
    • race track basics
    • approaching the limits

    Agenda and topics.

    Start: 8.30 a.m.

    Finish: around 5.00 p.m.

    (incl. catering)

    For example:

    • section training on the race track
    • instructed driving
    • oversteer and understeering




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