Perfection Training Austria.

Onroad Winter Training.

Perfection Training Austria.

Days: 2


Standard 1.995,00 Euro

Business clients 2.315,00 Euro

Requirements: valid driving licence class 3/B

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You feel the engine pumping out full power and sense the metal studs clawing at the prepared ice track: Are you ready to push your limits during our two-day Austria Perfection Training? The weight transfer slalom and emergency stops in icy turns will yet again prepare you for everyday dangerous situations – however, this time with significantly higher demands on your reaction speed and concentration. The drift course stretches for two kilometres and represents an extraordinary challenge even for pros: You’ll practice holding a permanent drift on studded tires. A traditional lodge party in an Alpine cabin and the wellness area of the design hotel Gut Brandlhof provide the well-deserved relaxation in the evening before returning to the ice track the next day.

  • ABS hook
  • corner drifting and over-/ understeer
  • Race of Champions
  • hillcrest control systems
  • holding a drift

Agenda and topics.

Arrival and start: on the evening before, 7.00 p.m. Finish on the 2nd day: around 4.30 p.m. Top speed during the exercises: 110 km/h (incl. catering and 2 overnight stays)

For example:

  • slalom
  • ABS hook
  • lane change
  • drifting in circles

  • skidpad over-/ understeer
  • handling course
  • corner drifting
  • weight transfer slalom
  • Race of Champions
  • ice course
  • hillcrest control systems
  • holding a drift

Perfection Training Austria




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